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iPeopleNot all people with iProducts irritate me, only the pretentious iPeople drive me bat-shit crazy.  There seem to be more pretentious iPeople, than ones who actually make use of their Apple products.  My brief time of owning a Mac proved to me that I’m a Windows person.  I can do more of what I like to do with it, and I can do it for so much less money.  Hell, most of the time I do what I do for free.  I’m a handy person.  I can use Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix.  I do almost daily.

You heard me right.  I am a Windows person.  I know I’ve used the term, “I am a PC” before.  But if you think on it, it’s a dumb term.  Thus, I am not a PC.  PC is short for Personal Computer.  That means a computer that is owned by the average everyday person.  Generally in their home.  Regardless of what operating system (Mac, Windows, one of the hundreds of flavors of Linux and/or Unix and various other types that are floating in the software world.).  Even a tablet (this includes iPads you weenies) is a personal computing device.  Which goes to say that even your smart phone is essentially a personal computing device.  So, literally speaking, everyone is a PC.  Saying all computers other than Macs are PC’s, is like saying all cola is “Coke” and every internet search is a “Google”.  That’s something else that drives me crazy is how people use names of products rather than using the real term.  And not all tissue is “Kleenex”.

What kills me is the reasoning these iCrack addicts use to some how validate their choices.  Granted at the end of the day, it’s their money, they can spend it how they like.  But from my viewpoint, a person who has medical conditions, medical bills to pay, plus lives by myself so there’s no one helping pay the rent, utilities and food.  Who works for real America, and not some corporation owned by profit hungry demons.  Does not make a huge salary.  If I truly wanted too, I could.  Fairly easily.  However the benefits I get are priceless in comparison to a huge salary and my boss allows me to work from home to be with my children in my remaining years.  So it for some reason drives me crazy to be harped on by those with money to spend on items they barely use.  Especially when they come at me with their condescending tone and say things like, “You don’t have a Mac (iPhone or iPad)?”.  As if I’m somehow lesser for not wanting one.  Oh sure, teenagers and young adults are glued to their iPhones and iMacs all day long.  But what do they really do?  Facebook, text, YouTube and email are the top four things.  In that order.  I know this because that’s all they ever call me about when they can’t do one of those.  I hardly ever hear about not being able to complete their thesis on how politicians suck.  Sometimes I get calls when their word processing skills and printing skills go hindered.  So what this is saying to someone like me, is that you spent $800 to $2000 (depending on what iProduct is it) that could have been done on a $99 Android tablet.  Hey, it’s not Windows (if that’s in your reasoning) and certainly more affordable.  If anything, it’s justifiable.

And don’t give me this crap of how your iPhone was only $99.  Unless you bought it used, you have a contract plan with your provider that costs you a lot more than it should.  Basically saying your making payments on the phone.  I think AT&T is the only company that doesn’t hide that fact.

Wireless Plan

My Windows Phone 8 cost me $50 on Amazon, new in retail packaging.  Dropped in my 32GB Micro SD card and now it has nearly all the same features as an iPhone.  My no contract plan is only $40 a month as I hardly use data.  While iOS always brags they are the most innovative mobile operating system, they still don’t have native swipe typing.  Talk about speeding up texting.

To the individuals that actually put those expensive pieces of equipment to real use, I applaud you on your decisions to buy them.  The rest of you should be given a right good kicking for wasting the money you could have donated to a worthier cause like hunger relief or cancer research.  Perhaps a better education for your kids.  I hear college is expensive these days.

I grew up appreciating the value of a dollar.  Which doesn’t go nearly as far as it did when I was a kid.  My kids are just now seeing that the dollar is soon to be even more worthless in the years to come as they progress in their adult lives.  So when I make a purchase, I’m going to try to get the most out of my money.  I could have bought a new iPhone 5s for $800 retail.  I could have bought an iMac for $1500, instead of my Windows computer with comparable hardware for only $650.  But I didn’t.  This allowed me to save money for a nice, professional musical instrument that I play 1-3 hours a day.  Plus I can bet I do more with my Windows Phone than most of you iWeenies out there do with your iPhone, iPad and iComputers combined.

Don’t give me this “I CAN do with my iCrap”.  I’m talking what you actually do.  Yes, you CAN do all the things I can do.  But the majority of you DO NOT DO.  Which pretty much reduces your iDevice to nothing more than bragging rights and a status symbol.  If you want to brag about how much money you spent, great.  I can help you spend more.  I got some bills that need paying.  I’m always happy to help those with too much money to spend.

I’ve already made a huge list of what I do with my computers.  Here’s what I do with my phone besides the obvious of Facebook, texting, YouTube and email (oh and of course Pictures):

  • It’s my GPS (Again saving money on buying another device I don’t need.)
  • My MP3 Player when I walk and exercise
  • Remote support tool  (Friends, Family and Customers can get help from me no matter where I am.)
  • What full length HD movies (Not Netflix, but actual movies I put on the SD card.)
  • Watch Netflix (see 🙂 )
  • Replaces all those damned plastic store cards that were once on my keyring
  • Buy and sell items on Craigslist
  • Explore new music
  • Edit and update my financial files across all my devices (Built-in MS Office suite is sweet!)
  • Keep track of my appointments, bills and medications
  • I never forget my shopping list anymore 🙂
  • Keep tabs on all emergencies in my area
  • I bought my phone, using my son’s Windows Phone via Amazon Mobile 😀
  • See what’s in the area Theaters, watch trailers and purchase tickets on my phone (for supported theaters)
  • Play games
  • Record videos – See Adam singing to Laura.
  • Take credit card payments
  • Pay bills
  • Wireless Hotspot
  • Cortana kicks ass!  (I’ve updated to Windows Phone 8.1 Developer)

OK, so I’m bragging.  But I’m bragging about how many things I actually do with it on a regular basis and still save money doing it.  Not posting stupid stuff on Facebook like a teenager going “I GOT AN IPHONE!!! WOOT!”.  Yay, you got something incredibly expensive.  Whoopty Doo.  You could’ve saved that money for college.  Instead your maybe working part-time at the local convenience store, texting away when you should be taking care of customers.  Yes, I’m talking to you blond girl at the Rite-Aid.

Remember when personal phone calls weren’t allowed at work?  Then again, I remember entire handbooks and rules about hygiene (no Gene, I’m not making a joke about you, so keep your panties straight), hair styles and jewelry.  Standards have really lowered over the years.  But that’s a rant for another day.