I am a Contender

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Contender of Malatina's GameActually I’m more of a Survivor.  As a Contender is defined as “a person who has a good chance of winning“.  Unfortunately, “Life ain’t like the Game.“.  (Watch the video below to get that reference.)  Sometimes I think I couldn’t win in a losing contest.  But that’s only when I’m feeling freshly defeated at something.  Life isn’t all bad, but there are days like the past few.  Where I’ve inadvertently upset someone close to me, while trying like mad to figure out why my finances are off by $40 and listening to screaming women at high volume on the TV in the next room thanks to the inconsiderate person I am temporarily living with.  (I so hate having roommates.)

Then to make matters more frustrating, the tools I use for my job aren’t working as they should.  It’s turning out to be a long ass day so far.

But wait, there’s more…

Just after singing praises for my employer and the job I’ve had for nearly 11 years…  I find out that overtime is being cut and they are dropping the company healthcare plan.  One that I actually liked.  I mean how many people can say they “like” their healthcare plan?  Sadly, the alternatives I have found will likely cost me a lot more just to have and more to use.  Not thrilled at all about that.

There is a lot going on that is not of the happy kind these past few days.  But I’ve been in these situations before.  Sometimes worse.  So I’ve got to take a deep breath, make some changes to my plans, adjust and move on.  Of course, to anyone thinking “Get over it.”, I’m gonna punch.  Let me let off some steam before you come at me with that.  Everyone needs to vent when they are frustrated before they can move on.  If they didn’t, they’d go insane.  Plus having little irritations going on at the same time doesn’t help.  (Like, right now I am trying to blow the TV up with my mind.  It’s not working if you were wondering.  Turns out Evil Genius does not mean having telekinetic powers…)

But, I have family and friends who love me, a girl I’m dating who isn’t just adorable, but sweet and she likes me.  Plus I’ve achieved the title in Runes of Magic, Contender of Malatina’s Game (see image of clown).  Yeah OK that last one was a bit of a stretch.  I’m sure God will see me through.  As they say, “God gives us only what we can handle.  Apparently God thinks I’m a Badass!“.  Looking back at all the things in my past, I would have to agree with that statement.