Beer Good! Napster Bad!

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Not that I like beer.  To me it smells like old rotting pizza dough in the dumpster during a hot summer day.  Can’t stand the smell of it, certainly don’t want a liquified version of it in my mouth.  {turns head and vomits}  Though I do remember when the internet was awesome and fun.  Before the self absorbed twats taking selfies.  Before “planking” was cool…  How the hell did that get cool?  Must the what happens when you let mindless morons collaborate on social media sites.  Or perhaps it’s the sheep effect.  One moron does it, so the rest follow suit.  Oh wait, that would be the misconception of Lemmings.  (Which is an awesome old game you can play.)  Although proof of concept, humans tend to be more like Lemmings than Lemmings themselves by their nature to “follow what everyone else is doing”.  Hence the popularity of the aforementioned activities, as well as Facebook and Twat.. er Twitter.

However, before there was Twitter (July 2006).  Before the soul sucking Facebook (February 2004).  Even before MySpace (May 2000)… There were talented people all over the internet who ran their own websites and did wonderful things like flash animated cartoons.  Joe Cartoon, Camp Chaos and more!  Back in the days when Napster was an evil file sharing site and not the legit music site that merged with Rhapsody in 2011.

Here is one of my personal favorites from the Golden Age of Internet: Napster Bad!

It’s just fun running around growling Beer Good!  Napster Bad!  You can see more old Camp Chaos!

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