Pink Hearts and Blue Moons

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Kendra Morris (Stewart)Yeah, still rockin’ the Lucky Charms references 🙂  But this time it fits good!

So for the past couple of posts over the past few weeks, I’ve mentioned I’ve been dating someone.  Someone whom in my dizziest daydreams of long ago, I wouldn’t have approached.  Then out of nowhere, she actually approached me.  For those curious, her name is Kendra.  If you went to high school here in Gaylord around the mid to late 80’s, you would remember her.  We wanted to make sure things were going to continue going well for several dates before I said too much.  Seems she fancies me enough to keep me for a while.  Hopefully a good long while.

I know that all my kids here really like her 🙂  They all met last Saturday as I began looking for a place in EJ.  Not only is she super sweet, she’s also so darn pretty!


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