Orange Stars and Green Clovers

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Theodas 2.0 Runes of MagicSo Lucky Charms had Yellow Moons, but Orange Stars?  I want to say the guys at General Mills were high, but I guess that isn’t as crazy as a Blue Horse and a miniature Little Death pet.  Yeah I’ve no clue why I’m still playing Runes of Magic.  It’s not like I even want to really play.  Yet I’ve managed to amuse myself playing it while patiently waiting for new things to watch on Netflix and time between calls, texts and meetings with this incredibly pretty girl who just happens to have been a cheerleader when we were in school.  I mean how freaking cool is that?

The dates we’ve had, conversations and thoughts we’ve shared have been going very well.  I hope to be able to let everyone know soon who this girl is.  Maybe she’ll be my lucky Green Clover.Green Clover

As for Runes of Magic, I think the only things I’m really hung up on is I used to love doing things like Malatina’s Survival Game.  I’ve been running through that daily as of late.  Although have yet to complete it as a 35 Mage / 33 Priest.  RoM also has that certain Charm I like.  However, I think I picked a dead server.  I hardly ever see people in the areas we used to play in.  Though there is some world chat going on, so there are other players.  As well as an impressive list of guilds I could try to join.  I’m guessing they must all be high level players that gather in some new main city.  Varanas is kind of empty too.  Reminds me of Silvermoon and it’s City in WoW.  Dead as a grave these days.

I’d rather show you a picture of the pretty girl I’m currently dating, but instead I’ll show you my Blue Horse and Little Death pet 🙂

Although to be honest, I think I’m ready for a completely different kind of distraction these days.  My gaming days are certainly numbered.