I miss my Chiropractor

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ChiropracticIt turns out finding a good Chiropractor can be incredibly difficult.  Frustrating even.  Especially if you had one that worked miracles for you for years.  Then you move, and you have to find a new one.  It’s been a journey to say the least.

When I first had back problems, I went to the hospital and got Cortisone Shots in my spine.   Painful and scary.  Having a doctor using all his weight trying to drive a needle into my spine and I’m already in massive pain.  The first time I went, I couldn’t even walk.  Folks had to load me into the car, then have the medical staff drag me back out of the car onto a gurney because I hurt so bad.  Though, cortisone shots only last so long.  It was a few years before I discovered Chiropractic care.

Then I discovered Dr. Bill Seery at Denbigh Chiropractic.  He examined my hospital x-rays, then carefully examined my spine.  Feeling along, he was able to find my key problems and immediately started me on the road to better back health.  He found two spots along my spine, and noticed my hips were out of alignment.  A few short months of treatments and I felt better than ever.  Each visit he would loosen me up on the Spinalator.  I had a love/hate relationship with this table.  The first five minutes would be uncomfortable, but the next ten minutes were really good.  Once I loosened up, he would put me on a table, check my spine and hip alignment and then put things back in order with careful adjustments.  On top of mastering his skills, he was also a very personable individual.  He treats all of his patients like family.  I’d go back every couple of months just to keep things in line.  Sometimes I’d just go to chat.

Then I moved back to Northern Lower Michigan.  The town I currently live in, has at least 20 different Chiropractors.  So far, I’ve been to three.  None have matched the care I got from Dr. Seery.

The first one I went to, was recommended by other folks in the area.  While this person did make me feel better, he didn’t make me feel welcome.  Of course when you see a new doctor, it’s generally expected you’ll give them information about what your previous doctor did.  Before I even finished my statement, he interrupted me and said “I’m sure he was a good doctor, but we do things our way here.”.  Off putting to say the least.  How would that person feel if they wanted to tell me about a person in their life and I just blew them off in that manner.  Plus when winter set it, it was too far to walk in the cold on icy roads.  Though yesterday they really put the nail in the coffin of getting anymore business from me.  It was requested to have the x-rays I had done there to the new Chiropractor.  It could’ve been done electronically or by mail.  Instead they told the Chiropractor I saw yesterday, “Give us his phone number, so we can call him to come pick up his x-rays himself.”.

The second Chiropractor I saw was right on main street and offers an incredibly low price.  That should’ve been the first clue saying “stay away”.  But I tried them out anyway.  They didn’t ask too many questions.  If I wanted to use their Spinalator, I had to pay extra.  Everything was “extra” outside of a five minute table adjustment and some goofy miniature jack-hammer they run up and down your spine.  Visits were hit and miss.  Sometimes it felt like all I did was pay someone $20 to go for a walk in town.

Apparently there are different schools for Chiropractic care.  This third one I tried yesterday didn’t use a Spinalator.  At least I didn’t see one anywhere.  No fancy hydraulic tables like the first one.  No back cracking of any kind either.  They did take x-rays and talked to me in depth about my discomforts.  But instead of twisting me, or applying pressure to move things.  They used some goofy little “activator” gizmo that “snaps”.  Felt like a three year old punching me.  Tiny little thumps.  When I got done, I went for a drive with my Mom.  Wasn’t ten minutes and I hurt like hell over small pot holes and bumps.  Came home and took a pain reliever as I couldn’t take it anymore.  I think I paid $40 to talk to a medical staff for 2 hours and play Simon Says while laying face down.  Outside of that, I can’t say it helped.  Unless it’s one of those deals where I’m supposed to go back 15 times before noticing a difference.  Yeah.  Uh.  Can’t afford to go more than once very couple of months as it is.

Thus my search continues.  I miss you Bill.


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