Where have all the Good Games Gone?

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Johnny Awesome QuestionI think my days of being a PC gamer are numbered.  I go for days now without playing any games.  Even my old favorites.  In a way that’s good of course, but when I’m tired of practicing or there’s nothing I want to watch in the house or I’ve exhausted my Netflix selections.  I would still like to play a game.  In less than 2 months, I have exhausted the fun that was Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  I think will finally stay quit of World of Warcraft as well.  Haven’t even given it much thought since I quit it this last time.  I just don’t miss it anymore.  At least I certainly won’t miss the cavalcade of whiny American teenagers and immature 20ish douchebags.  I said this before and it still holds true today.  I miss European servers.  Nicer crowd there.  More helpful and friendly.  USA is “pwn”, “nub” and all the anal jokes one can stomach.  My idea of a good game seems to have lived during the late 90’s early 2000’s era.

Whatever happened to a good old First-Person Shooter game?

To me, a shooter was early Halo, Quake and Unreal Tournament.  Spawn, grab a gun and pray for the best.  You were only as good as your aim and your luck in finding a good weapon.  Now it’s all stats, ranking, leveling and achievements.  It’s like they want to make shooters into MMO’s.  Yuck.  I don’t want any of that.  Just let me blow your head off or get in a crotchshot.  Then let me teabag you for a moment and move on.

I’m the Guns of the Navarone! ~ Samuel L. Jackson (anyone who has played on my UT server has heard my toon say that)

Modern Looks vs Good Play

Newer games are not visually appealing to me.  The advanced graphics actually hurt my eyes and give me a headache.  No idea why.  Sure World of Warcraft, Runes of Magic, Unreal Tournament and Carmageddon looked cartoonish.  Yet I loved the simplicity and bright happy colors.  Never liked top down games like Diablo III (only diablo I played, thankfully it was free)

Free to Play is a joke and a scam!

Almost all new MMO games are Free to Play or F2P.  Most other MMO’s are switching F2P.  Although I’ve already learned my lesson there.  To the tune of $1100.00…  There’s no longer a level playing field when you play these games.  They draw in so many people by saying it’s free.  But in order to succeed you need to buy things with real money.  In order to be competitive, you need to spend a lot of money.  If you think I’ve spent a lot on these games, I know people who have spent 2 and 3 times the amount I have.  All in the name of competition.  Just because they had to be on top.  Don’t pity me, I learned my lesson.  Pity them for spending more money on a game than their own family.  But even games that only have you pay for the game and not monthly fees also have ways of squeezing extra money out of you.  Character slots, inventory expansions and the like.  I will never again fall for this nonsense.  I took a peek at Neverwinter.  Right off I knew it would try to bankrupt me.  Lasted about 20 minutes before I uninstalled it.

I would be happy to play a subscription game.  The playing field is level then.  But there are so few.   Even fewer that I would even enjoy based on the previous statements made here.  WoW has pandas and I never liked the whole Asian feel to any game.  Not a fan of martial arts.  Hate the music.  The whole speaking of wisdom and honor relentlessly is nauseating.  Plus, I want to have casual and enjoyable experience.  Not where the competition level is insane.

Install crap so you can play crap.

As mentioned before, you have to now have Steam, Gameloft, Blizzard App or one of many others installed on your computer just to play the game.  This means there can be between 1, 2, 3 or more apps running on your PC just so you can play your various favorite games.  Why?  Why does there need to be multiple programs running to play games?  You generally will only play one game at a time.  Remember I think like the average customer.  The guy or girl who blindly clicks next and installs anything and everything that pops up.  So don’t go all geek on me and say, “You can close them when they aren’t needed.”.  Yes, you and I can.  But frankly no one should have too.  Even though I’ve conceded to Steam, I find it incredibly annoying that while I’m playing, some alert is covering a corner of my game.  Or a friend trying to share something with me, and of course I get distracted, stop and talk to them.  Which is fine, but then I lose interest in the game.  Honestly I don’t feel that including advertising, instant messaging and sharing inside my game.  I play the game to escape this kind of thing.  Not to further envelope myself in it.

“I bet you hate to see me go, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching me leave.” ~ Johnny Awesome

I’m thankful for the releases of Thief and Carmageddon: Reincarnation.  However, I’m also hesitant that I won’t enjoy them like the older versions. Which I still play on occasion…

EDIT: Found this video shortly after posting this blog.  Pretty much sums up why I finally quit World of Warcraft.

Though the ONLY point I disagree on is the flying mounts.  Even on a flying mount, you can spend up to 40 minutes traveling from one place to the next.  Imagine doing that on the ground… Yikes.