Survey Says!!

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SurveyAh the old tag line from the famous game show that has been on since 1976 and is still going strong today.  The Family Feud.  Although no one said it like Richard Dawson, god rest his soul.

Surveys have been apart of life since long before I was born, but recently it seems like they’ve become all the rage.  Every single place I go to, whether it’s out amongst the masses doing anything from getting an adjustment at the Chiropractor, enjoying a cup of delicious coffee or buying my groceries.  Or whether I’m at home in my sweats trying to read up on some new technology, doing a bit of online shopping or trying to find out about something that crossed my thoughts.  There seems to always be a survey pushed in my face.

It used to be not so conspicuous.  Quick text at the bottom of my purchase receipt or when on a web page it was a small box in a corner peeking out at me.  I never do these surveys as they want your email address and 9 times out of 10, they will start to hammer you with advertisements and other surveys.  Sure I could win a $1000.  Unlikely though and honestly I don’t want the headache of all the spam.

As of late, it’s becoming an interruption in the simple things I want to do.  Not to mention, it’s getting to be as bad as advertising.  You can’t go anywhere or do anything it seems without a survey being pushed upon you.  It’s even worse online as “ForeSee” seems to be on every frickin’ website!  It’s not just in a corner, it randomly darkens the whole screen with a white box asking you to stop and drop everything to take their survey.  If you close it and then navigate to a few more pages…  BAM!  It’s back like a stray cat you fed once.

As an example of this, when I went shopping yesterday.  I went over to RiteAid picked up two, 2 liters of Pepsi and I bought a Cadbury Creme Egg impulsively.  It’s bad enough that RiteAid wants to kill a tree every time you pick up your medications, despite the numerous requests to not include the paperwork as I can read about my drugs online (providing the survey isn’t in my face).  But I walked out with those three items and a receipt that was literally as long as my arm.  Telling me if I took their survey, I could win a cash prize.  They couldn’t be happy with some quick text that says, “Visit and you could win up to $1000 for your opinion of our service.”.  It’s quick and simply and doesn’t require wasting money on ink and unnecessary paper.  That may likely end up costing the customer in the end because discounts aren’t as good as they could be to cover the costs.  It was the same thing when I picked up 10 food items that the “local” grocery store that’s two blocks from my apartment.  Over half the receipt tape was some survey they wanted me to take and some babble on how much I’ve saved.  If I had a car, I could’ve saved more at Wal-mart, without the goofy “store discount card”.  Store discount cards, that’s yet another rant.

In real life it’s generally a waste of paper, and when you’re online it’s like swatting away flies while trying to enjoy a nature walk.  It’s aggravating to say the least.  If I haven’t complained to the manager, wrote a nasty letter or email to the company complaining, then you’re doing things just fine.  Stop bugging me on how I feel about the products you carry and how friendly your staff is.  Any person with a spine will have no issues with reporting a problem.  Those without a spine can go cry on Facebook.  I’m thinking that’s all Facebook is for anymore.  Otherwise please, leave me to my business.  I’ll enjoy your website or place of business more if I’m not being pestered by you like a four year old wanting to know the meaning of life.