Time To Give Windows Phone 8 A Try

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Nokia Lumia 520After finally getting a smartphone 3 years ago, I’ve been through one agonizingly disappointing experience after another.  I’ve been told I expect too much from a smartphone.  Perhaps that’s true.  Though when you boast a phone with an App Store with hundreds of thousands of apps, you tend to think it should be able to do a lot of things.  So far all I’ve ever owned are Android phones.  All low cost, no contract phones.  I’m single and whether or not I make enough money to afford a contract phone, I go with the idea that no contract phones are better.  Here’s why…

For one, I’m not under any delusion that I would be getting a low cost or free phone of high quality with a contract.  Sure the phones are nice, but are they really low cost or free?  No they aren’t.  Just look at the numbers.  A plan with unlimited calls, and unlimited text and 2 or 2.5 GB of data per month for only $45 to $60, and a low cost phone that you purchase outright.  Versus unlimited nights and weekends, but limited minutes outside of that, unlimited texts and a 2 GB plan from many providers with a contract is between $75 and $100 per month.  Plus, on average you still throw down between $100 to $200 for a phone.  Retail cost of said phone is likely between $400 and $600.  So all in all, it would seem you are getting screwed on service contract that is essentially just a payment plan for the phone and less minutes.

Secondly, I could buy a more expensive phone for my pre-paid plan, but why?  An iPhone at retail, costs between $550 and $800.  WTF mate?  Is it made out of gold and platinum?  I just built a gaming PC for around $650.  Show me an iPhone that can do a third of what I can do with my PC.  Not gonna happen.  Period.  And it certainly doesn’t have the screen real estate for watching my Blu-ray movies.  Or the power to play any of the latest video games.  That’s a of a lot of money to text, surf the net, use Facebook and take pictures of over priced food.  No thanks.  My cheapo phone and low cost unlimited plan can do all of that and more.

Samsung Galaxy CenturaThe reason I’m leaving Android, is because their low cost phones aren’t as “bang for your buck” as they should be in my opinion.  At least not in comparison to what I just got for a Windows Phone 8.  Most are single core processors and low storage space.  Even with expansion slots, many run out of space even if you move your apps to the expansion card.  I’ve owned 4 Androids in the past 3 years.

  • LG Optimus V – Single Core – Under 1GB of space.
  • LG Optimus Elite – Single Core – Under 1GB of space
  • Samsung Galaxy Proclaim – Single Core – 2GB of space
  • Samsung Galaxy Centura – Single Core – 2GB of space

Neither of the Samsung phones could play my MP3’s without skipping and lagging.  That’s just sad and if I was playing MP3’s, they hated to pick up an incoming call.  When they did, it would either hang up or reboot the phone.  Both had that problem.  Not sure if it’s a Google Android thing (two different versions) or if Samsung did that.

Applications are another nightmare.  You have to find what apps work and what ones don’t work by a lot of trial and error.  You can’t depend on any app developer to be sure their apps work with your particular phone.  Just too many phones to chase down to find out.  Many apps that I use, say they work with my phone but cause it to lock up or go slow.  Plus, it seems I can’t use my Android for long without using Task Killer to free up memory.  Seems that Androids have poor memory management.  Apps that you close, constantly reopen and run on their own.

Androids have become notorious for apps with malware downloaded right from the App Store.  So on top of everything, it’s smart to have an Antivirus on your phone.  It’s not required if you don’t do a lot with your phone.  But for a geek who does remote support, banking and more with my phone, I think it’s a smarter move.

My new Windows Phone 8 has dual core processor and things I’ve started learning, makes me think that Windows Phones will soon be something of a competitor to be reckoned with.  Mine is a Nokia Lumia 520 and retails for around $99.  However, I caught it on sale on Amazon for $50 new.  But check this out.  Reading up on Windows Phone 8, it uses sandboxing.  So apps run independent of one another.  Negating the need for any kind of antivirus.  You can close apps.  No need for task killers.  Memory management doesn’t seem to be an issue.  Even the high end Windows Phones aren’t nearly as expensive as some Androids and no where near the cost of iPhones.  It comes with 8GB of space, expandable with a card for an extra 64GB of space.  Windows Phone 8 comes with Microsoft Office Mobile.  This and a lot more.  Sounds delightful.  I’ll let you all know when I start really playing with it.  I’ve just ordered it, so I don’t have “hands on” as of yet.  I learn so much more from doing than I do reading.

I’ve been told, I won’t like it because the App Store for Windows Phones is limited.  With their tighter standards, should be a whole lot less of crap apps and hopefully none with malware.  Although it’s growing and I’ve already found pretty much all I need.  See the bottom of my Freeware Page.  I’m excited, hopefully I’m rightfully so.  I’ll write more when I get it and have had some time with it.


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  1. john clifton

    Hey let me know how it works. I have a samsung galaxy s2 that i like through straight talk. I have been happy with everything but the battery.

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