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Television, Games and BooksExactly what is it that makes one person determine that what another person chooses to do, is a “waste of time”.  Or even a “waste of money”.  Seems a bit sanctimonious to me.  I’ve had this conversation before on several occasions with different people over the years.  It came up again not long ago.  What I choose to do with my personal time, seems to irritate others for whatever reason.  From my point of view, they seem incredibly narrow minded about what I do in the first place.  They also ignore the fact that I have been changing my routines as well.  Plus biding my time saving money up for things that will change my routines even more.  Still, they insist that what I do is meaningless and unhealthy.  As you can imagine, it’s a bit annoying when you consider what their argument is of what I “should be doing instead”.

Phrases I’ve heard include:

  • All you do is sit and play games.
  • You’re wasting your life away.
  • What’s so great about video games?
  • It’s a waste of money.

Just to name a few.  Generally speaking, when I ask what they think I should be doing, these are the following replies:

  • Read a book.
  • Watch a movie.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Ride a bike.

Again just to name a few.  Though with some, I generally answer with a question upon observing what they normally do.  “What should I do?  Sit and watch television for countless hours like you?”

Television…  Talk about your waste of time and money.  I find so very little of what is on television entertaining to begin with.  On top of the fact that it’s nearly 40% commercials.  Repeated and for some reason louder than the shows.  Reality TV?  What a joke.  Go outside and look around.  The human race is one giant reality show these days it seems.  We could put up web cams all over and make a channel called, “The Biggest Douchebag!”.  But that’s a rant for another day.  Exactly what is the health value in sitting and watching that for hours?  Plus, with games, I’m being interactive.  It’s a two way communication to make different things happen.  Not sitting in an easy chair where the only thing I can do is change channels to waste time realizing I’m paying to much for nothing at all.  In the past two years, I’ve spent on average, $20 per month on games.

Nationwide, the average pay TV bill (excluding internet and phone service) was $86 in 2011 and is expected to reach $123 by 2015.  ~ Forbes

So even if you add my Netflix package in at $19 per month, I’ve still got the upper hand and I’m commercial free.  *coughsoblowmecough*

Go for walks?  I do in the summer as much as I can.  At least an hour a day.  Some days up to three hours.  Even some days when it’s raining, as long as it’s a light rain.  However, right now it’s winter.  Cold as fuck.  Not a lot of sidewalks.  Risk of busting my ass, or breaking a leg.  Did I mention it was cold as fuck out?  I’m hoping to have an Exercise Bike for next winter.  That will hopefully keep me losing weight.  Rather than only losing weight in the summer and then gaining it back in the winter.

Reading books.  Just not my thing really.  I’ve been over this before.  Time and again.  Though that’s not to say I don’t read at all.  I just don’t sit for hours and read books.  Sure I could imagine it all.  But I prefer particle effects (video games) and CGI (movies).  Plus movies don’t take as long.  I’m sure someone out there can read a whole book in around two hours.  Most can’t though.  Also, complain about the cost of movies all you want.  I’ve been to the book store recently.  A new book on average costs around the same price as a movie ticket.  I’ve seen some books as high as $27 though.  Or if you are a technophile.  Your average reading device (because most won’t buy just an e-reader, they got to have a Nook or Kindle), is $130 plus books between $3 and $15.  And you know damn well you’ll want a newer Nook or Kindle in the next year, so you’re still spending more than me on a yearly basis to read.  Whereas I will simply read articles and blogs on the web.  Cost?  Not a damned thing.  But this is only comparing books to video games.  How much did I spend on movies this past year?  Oh yeah, not a damned thing outside of my Netflix subscription.  Plus, books aren’t exactly a form of exercise either.

While I’m making this the last thing, it’s really the biggest thing these people fail to notice before they open their mouths about my being a gamer.  Video games are not the only thing I do.  Look around your screen right now.  This is my website.  I write here.  Regularly.  The pretty pictures and graphics you see?  I did most of that.  Did you notice in the picture for this article, the computer?  That’s my actual rig.  Notice it has a TV for a screen?  Not only is it huge, but it serves as a…. (dramatic pause) TV!!  I watch movies on it.  I have a surround sound speaker system.  It’s also my music center.  It’s my workstation for my job and my other job of Web Designing.  In the last 15 months, I’ve built over 100 websites.  Some of them are mine.  Such as:

Denver Fowler Dot NetCastleRainCastleRain Web DesignCastleRain (my URL shortener)

I love designing websites.  I find it almost as fun as playing video games.

Also, if you bothered to read my website you’d also know that I want to make new friends.  When I do, I’ll get away from the computer more.  You’d also know I want to get back into playing music.  Again, less computer, more exercise.

So the next time when someone wants to rag on me by saying “All you do is play video games.”, I will have to answer with, “You don’t know much about me, do you.”.