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CastleRain TV Live StreamingI’ve built a brand new website and I wanted to share it with you all.  I want to get some feedback on how it looks and functions.  As well as any other comments you may want to provide.  The website itself is incredibly mobile friendly, though you need Flash installed on your device or PC to view the actual streams.  The chat function complains on small screen smartphones and there’s nothing I can do about that.  The new website is for Live Streaming.  At first it will be stuff from my PC but I have the ability to move it to actual live video when I’m ready.  It’s called CastleRain TV.  (imagine that lol)

Some things about this modern world I get into, some I do not. For example, I’m not big on social networking, but playing with the latest tech I’m very into. One of the latest things in Live Streaming. While my YouTube Channel doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for me to Live Stream… and I can do.

This is the very early stages of what is to come down the road. I have a nifty idea. But I don’t have everything in place. So for right now this site is me still playing with the technology and integrating it into what I already know and love, web design. Please come back often to see what I’m up too! I don’t have a schedule yet for what I will broadcast. That too will come soon.

I’ve considered buying a .tv domain for this site, but the little country that .tv was created for, The Islands of Tuvalu, wants $40 a year for it. You might have thought that it was not meant for online TV, that’s just what us Americans like to do with them. All my other domains run around $8 per year. So I’m not sure at this stage if I want to make that kind of investment. Though if you think I should and want to help, the donate links are to your right 🙂

CastleRain TV