Snow Bored

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Snow BoredYup.  It’s white out alright.  As they say around these parts, it’s colder than a witches tit.  Apparently that’s not the same as a.. uh.. anyway.  If I ever thought I was bored before, I’ve reached whole new levels of holy rusty eyelids Batman, I’m freaking bored!

I’ve been rattling ideas around for weeks now on what to write for the new year.  Music, TV, plans, and more.  I’m so bored, I can’t even find inspiration to elaborate on any of those things.  Tried to create a new demo site, and lost interest.  Don’t have any side work on my plate.  Feel free to send me some!  (PC repair, Web Design, etc..)  Haven’t been on a walk in weeks because it’s so cold and walking in two tons of winter wear is not my idea of fun.  Haven’t had any luck in coaxing anyone to meet me for coffee either.  Even was contacted by an old acquaintance and she did the whole “sounds good”.  (Meaning, “not right now thanks”.)

I’ve watched all my old favorite TV shows.  Talk about your short list.  Then again, I’m finicky about TV shows.  Not many actually catch my attention.

In a rut playing WoW.  Not really interested in other games at the moment.  Really want to get away from the computer more, it’s just I’m very limited at the moment.

Day dream a lot right now.  I mean a lot!!  Sort of planning and scheming for the future.  However in the meantime, I’ve so little to do.  This winter is kicking the area’s ass, but it only affects me when I go to the laundromat or Family Fare.  And while I have good feelings about the future, the present is painstakingly boring.  I hope to hell my next place will let me have a cat.  (Also hope it’s not up a flight of death stairs that ice over with a looming awning covered in 5 inches of ice.)

Thankfully in a few months I can go walking again, and next winter I should be very busy.  So it’s just a matter of time.

(raises glass of so.. er I mean pop)  “Here’s to the future!”

p.s. I got a web cam now if friends and family want to video chat with me on Skype.


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