Ceramic Tiles and Hardwood Floors

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Ceramic Tile and Hardwood FloorsWhile I’ve never found it aesthetically pleasing to have hardwood or ceramic tile flooring.  There are just so many other reasons why I hate these types of floors.  I’ve had both over the past few years and can say I can’t stand either of them.

Firstly, people who have these must love frozen feet, sand stuck to their skin and cleaning this stuff.  Unless you have some sort of special room setup so when people enter your home, can take off their shoes and wash their feet completely before touching these surfaces.  I don’t see how anyone can keep such flooring clean enough to enjoy.  All it takes is one person or pet to run outside, then stroll across the floor and instantly you have sand and pet hair.  As an animal lover, having a clean floor was nearly impossible.  Having many pets, there were fuzz balls everywhere all the time.  Even if you just swept and mopped, the pet hair has already begun to collect.  Then the sand and dirt.  God forbid you want to get up quickly in the night and go to the bathroom.  Never fails you have to brush the sand and dirt off, that stuck to your feet before crawling back into bed.

Then there’s the “holy crap this floor is cold”!  Pretty much have to run around in slippers or shoes if you want warm feet.  Me, I prefer to run about in my socks.  Which means my feet are pretty much numb all the time.  Especially now that I live in Michigan again.  I have ceramic tile floors in my kitchen and bathroom.  It’s like standing on an icy sidewalk if you have no shoes on.  Yes I have carpets in front of the sink and bathtub, but I don’t just stand in those spots.

Then there’s the fact that sometimes I like to lay on the floor while watching a movie.  Especially if I have some nice plush carpet with good padding.  When I had a hardwood floor with some ugly ass throw rug on it (I didn’t do the decorating in that hell-hole.), there was no desire to attempt it.

I hate these kind of floors so much, that in my first house, I actually used commercial grade carpet in the kitchen/dinning room.  It was treated, so any spills would just bead up for easy clean up.  It also helped insulate the house more and saved us a few bucks on heating.  It was so much nicer to have warm feet on soft carpet in almost every room.  If I could afford it, I’d cut a piece of carpet of similar quality to lay over the tile in my kitchen and bathroom now.  Freaking cold up here!  Not too mention, the person who put the tile in, was sloppy with the grout and it makes the floor look dirty when it’s just hardened grout splattered everywhere.  Trust me, I’ve mopped them regularly for months now, they are certainly clean!

And honestly, it just looks heartless and cold.  People say hardwood floors look warming.  I say it looks like a museum (when it’s actually clean), and gives me the feeling I shouldn’t touch anything.  Fuck that, give me soft carpet!


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