Classy vs Trashy

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Classy vs TrashyWhether you own a house, rent or have free use of…  Whether you own a car, lease or have payments…  Whether you own anything, such as a gift or something you bought or otherwise…  I just don’t understand why some folks trash the things they have.  It totally blows my mind when someone, especially if they pay for it, trashes their home, car or other belongings.

I spend a lot of time walking these days.  I don’t have a car.  When I did, I kept it washed.  Right down to the engine compartment.  I washed the windows, vacuumed the carpets and made sure all the trash that was created, such as fast food containers, made it into a bag and then into the trash.

Though, it doesn’t seem to matter where you live.  I have been all over the world.  I’ve lived in many cities.  I walk when it’s nice out in different neighborhoods.  Yet, some houses are beautiful, well maintained and some even have great looking yards.  Yet, others have worn out siding, blankets in windows, rooms and yards filled with trash and old unused stuff.  Most places it was whole neighborhoods looked one way or another.  In Virginia, it seemed they were right next door to each other.  One nice, one horrid and then another decent one.

Here in Michigan it seems hoarders are fairly common.  Even if the house looks fairly decent on the outside, many homes have rooms such as the enclosed porch or garage, just filled to the roof with stuff.  Some organized, others are just piles and piles of crap.  Like they are too lazy to drive it to the dump or recycling center.  Even some cars drive by me and there’s no other room in the car except for the driver.  Some “business” vehicles are just filled with garbage or what looks like garbage, even if they use the contents for their job, it just looks gross.

I can’t help but think about these people and how they manage to enjoy living in such filth.  Makes me want to vomit.  Growing up here, we had a family known by name.  You mentioned it and everyone knew who you were talking about and knew the house was absolutely filthy.  Dishes stacked all over the house, even in the bathtub.  There was a giant hole in the kitchen floor.  Piles and piles of stuff in every room.  It was amazing they had anywhere to sleep or any decent clothes to wear.  I visited once and had to avoid animal feces.  Trust me, I didn’t stay long.  The house has since been destroyed thankfully.

I’m not talking about the “I have children.” folks who undoubtedly have toys and some clothing on the floor or yard.  Although I would hope they teach these kids to clean up after themselves and harp after their lazy teenagers.  Trust me, I’ve been there done that.

I get that people have the right to live how they want to live.  But honestly, why would anyone want to live that way?  I just can’t wrap my head around it.  Of all the useless things our society comes up with for mental conditions, this one I would think really needs some treatment.

It’s not hard to keep your place decently clean and clutter free.  Some folks would say they work all day and are too tired to clean up.  If you don’t let your life get out of control, and just clean up after yourself you don’t have to use much energy to do so.  I used to work in a machine shop.  I’d come home tired, filthy and miserable.  Yet, I could still do dishes, wash laundry and run a vacuum cleaner for a few minutes.  Play outside with the kids, mow the lawn and more.  Only takes a moment to put your laundry in a basket.  Only takes a moment to wipe water off the counter.  Now that I work in an office type job, I haven’t become lazy about my home.  I spend 2 – 3 hours a week sweeping and mopping the floors.  Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly.  That’s it.  I get up, I make my bed.  Takes less than five minutes.  Nothing is labor intensive.  Dishes take roughly 5 to 10 minutes, even if I cook for someone else.  I have on many occasions.  It’s not like cleaning costs a lot either.  Less than $10 you can get all the cleaning supplies you need from the Dollar Store.  Most of those products kick ass for that price.

Hell, I haven’t been able to explore much of my home town since I’ve been back, but I think I live on the worst street in town.  Most of the houses on the south side, are fairly well trashed, old and in need of repair and cleaning.  Yet, for as dingy as my building looks on the outside, I’m always happy to open the door and see my clean apartment. I don’t have that “ugh, I gotta clean that” feeling ever.  Mostly I clean as I go, and yet I have tons of time on my hands to relax after my work hours.  As much as I’d like to get out more, I am at least content with the home I’ve made when I’m stuck in it with nothing better to do.

Just fries my mind.  Why would anyone live in trash, drive in a garbage filled car and abuse their belongings so they end up bitching when they don’t like or can’t use them anymore.  A little care, hardly any time and things can look nice and you can be proud to show them off.  I don’t have much.  What I do have, I’m proud to show off.