Phenomenal Cosmic Power!

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“Itty bitty living space.” ~ Genie

Some days you just feel powerful when you play video games.  Yesterday it was like I was just “in the zone” and “no power in the verse can stop me”.  Nothing like starting a post with several cultural and movie references.  That’s how I felt yesterday.  Didn’t matter what creature I targeted, I made short work of it.  Even got myself a couple of new rides out of the deal.  Well one came from a monster anyway.  I call him Kitty.   Everyone else calls him Huolon.  He’s got a one percent chance of dropping the Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent.  You should check out the 3D views from the links but if not, here’s what this pretty kitty looks like:

Thundering Onxy Cloud Serpent

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Sexy; isn’t it?  Even sexier when you see all the cool lightening flashing about him.

The thing about this Timeless Isle, is that it seems to be a playground for Warlocks.  I haven’t yet taken my Death Knight there, but in general, all my other “OP” (Over Powered) characters struggle with creatures on this island.  Not horribly but they do tend to spend more time in the “Walk of Shame” than my Warlock does.  Kyllia isn’t even fully geared yet.  She’s got almost half her items needing serious upgrades.  Yet she walks about just smashing the shit out of anything she touches.  Almost like she owns the place.  Granted, she has yet to meet Ordos and likely never will as you need some cloak that I just don’t care to get involved with.

It seems that yesterday, I guess everyone was all over the Thanksgiving event.  The island was rather quiet.  So when I went about announcing the different “rares” or “bosses” as some call them, I found I was alone.  So first I solo killed Huolon, which shocked me as normally someone always dies when “petting the kitty”.  Even Kyllia on occasion.  Then Leafmender (though to be fair he’s fairly easy for everyone to solo).  Then shocked myself by taking down all three Champions of the Black Flame.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I didn’t die at all.  So next I wandered up to Cinderfall and called out for help.  He’s rough as his Molten Inferno will generally one hit any player.  Though I’ve got the cure for that.  Turns out you can stand absolutely as far as possible back for your casting abilities.  Send your Blue Berry (Voidlord) in and whittle his grayscale ass to ashes.  His attacks may singe your face a bit but no actual damage comes from it.  Though it’s obvious many have yet to figure this out.  When there are others helping, it’s a mass pandemic of dying animations and sounds.  Just to prove to myself it wasn’t just luck, I solo killed him a second time later on when I found myself alone with him.  It’s sounds selfish I know, but damn it, I gave them a good 10 minutes to carry themselves up to help me.  So eff em’!

Patience is a virgin.  Pft good luck finding one of those these days…