Computers, Gaming & Dating (and other disasters)

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Computers Gaming & DatingOK so the title was a bit of a stretch.  Wasn’t even a good movie.  Though it’s been something of a couple of weeks of saying to myself, “WTF Mate?”.  So herein lies the the happenings that is my life.  That is outside of the fact that it finally stopped raining/snowing for the past 3 weeks.  It was enough to drive a person without a car insane from being trapped indoors!

“Crazy!?!?!  I was crazy once!  They put in a room! The room was round. The round room had worms. Those worms drove me crazy!  Crazy!?!?!  I was crazy once!”


Normally I build myself a new computer every two years to keep up with the latest tech.  Not so much the fastest and the best, but the newest.  This helps keep my repair skills up to speed by knowing the ins and outs of the workings in general.  Though this time around I waited three years for obvious reasons.  Though my only saving grace; since I’m still paying on a boat-load of medical bills, is I have serious amounts of vacation time built up.  Well… had serious vacation time.  Between not having money to go anywhere.  Not having anyone to cover my shifts if I were to go.  Then there’s the, no way to get there issue.  So being my boss owns not only an internet service, but a computer parts sales and distribution company.  No money had to physically exchange hands.  Just print off a pay stub or two and electronically move the funds from one company to the other.  Basically he paid me in parts 🙂  It’s a shame I can’t do the same for my medical bills and other debts, but in time they’ll get paid off.

Now if I could do something with the computer that’s been in my living room for three months now waiting to be picked up.  Hint, hint.  Though I keep making sure it’s up to date every month.  Cause I’m a nice guy like that 🙂


So yeah.  Much like smoking, games are sometimes hard to quit.  At least I successfully quit smoking!!  Again, I reexamined different games available to me.  I still have a hard time wanting to deal with third party programs running just to play a game.  But it seems even World of Warcraft will be doing that nonsense soon.  These developers just don’t understand that if you play a lot of games, you’ll have a bunch of these programs running all at once eating up resources and possibly conflicting with one another.  But I’ll digress to just say, yes.  Yes I’m back to playing WoW.  What’s more the very reason I quit is the reason I decided to give it another shot.  (and get re-hooked)

The Timeless Isle.  Turns out it’s shared loot.  Plus you get all sorts of assistance from area buffs, to drops that power your playing and even guardians that fight with and for you.  You don’t have to party up, you don’t need the latest gear and to sweeten the deal… They just drop the perfect armor.  There are no stats on it until you open it on the appropriate character.  Then it has just the right stats for your class.  And if you hang on to it, there’s even a bonus that can drop to upgrade it before you open it!  Perfect for a soloist such as myself.

Though I am pissed that for the fourth year in a row, I didn’t get the The Horseman’s Reins during the Hallow’s End Event.

The same reasons keep bringing me back.  One, it’s not a free2play game.  The mechanics are far simpler.  So are the skills.  Plus…  I actually prefer the graphics of WoW over the “gorgeous graphics” found in games such as Rift, Guild Wars 2 and others.  They are much brighter, more cheerful and don’t give me a damned headache.  I play Rift and within an hour my head is killing me.  Guild Wars 2 isn’t much better.  Maybe it’s my aging eyes.  If I could find a game similar in mechanics and looks, I’d be happy to try it.  So long as it doesn’t need to muck up my system with unwanted crapware.


Yes, that is Captain Jean-Luc Picard doing /facepalm

It’s been one disappointment after another.  The short and sweet of it, any time a woman says she’s a “tiger in bed”.  All I have to do, is share this link with her, and she’ll never talk to me again.  (The most recent one blocked me lmao!)  Which weeds out the pussy cats from the real tigers 😈

You know, I put in my profile “As well as a bit of a freak.”.  It’s not like I hide that fact.  Though I think the real thing is, people don’t read!  OR they read too much into what is said.  Either way, weeds out the pussy cats.  Good SexPerhaps it was the image in the post and she didn’t read anything, and just freaked out.  Though my money is on the fact she didn’t read my whole profile.  Which also would explain why she wanted to meet me when I live over an hour away from her and I don’t have a car. :/

Anywho… Life goes on.

With that, I’ll leave this with a song that got stuck in my head when I mentioned the link about my tattoos.