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Even though I’ll be a die hard desktop computer user for many more years to come.  The world is moving toward mobile.  Having a website that displays on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has become absolutely crucial.  More and more customers are retiring their desktop computers in favor of their mobile devices.  They can take them everywhere and they are far more comfortable with using these devices than they ever were with complicated software found PC’s, Macs and even those who dabbled with Linux desktops.

Since this is not only the case, but the firm growth on the future of the internet.  Everyone who has a website should get on board with this way of thinking.  Websites that are not mobile friendly, lose customers within minutes because they cannot find what they need quickly and have a hard time reading and interacting with the content provided.

Did you know 6 out of 10 mobile users will leave a non-mobile friendly website?  How many potential customers have you lost because of this?  If so, ask yourself these five questions about your website:

  1. Would a mobile user find it easy to browse your website?
  2. If a mobile user is on your website, can they find the information they need quickly and easily without zooming in and out?
  3. Can your customer find your location quickly using their mobile device?
  4. Do your customers recommend other potential customers recommend your website because it is mobile friendly?
  5. Is your lack of a mobile friendly website forcing your potential customers to others who have a mobile friendly site?

Just as food for thought, Google is predicting that mobile searches will become more popular than desktop searches by 2014.  Which means it may already be the case.  Your website should be mobile friendly by now.  Even big name companies who have mobile apps have websites that are mobile friendly for those who choose not to install the apps.  Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Google and thousands more can be used merely by the web browser on your mobile device.  They load quickly and have no need for zooming in or out.

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I can help make you a mobile friendly, responsive website.  I’m not a big time web designer, but I have tools excellent for small businesses, organizations and more!  I can make you elegant, responsive websites and WordPress themes.  I’m low cost and local as well.  Check me out at CastleRain Web Design.