Looking Like Home

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Firstly, I’d like to thank all those that helped me get my little place up and running 🙂  Gene for helping me get this placeJennifer for the cool blue rocking chair!  My Aunt Bonny and Uncle Roger for the tan rocking chair.  John for the Bookcase, Microwave and Blender.  Allen & Adam for the cool smoothie maker (which I use almost daily).  Jeff for the kick ass Dresser and Nightstand.  My Mom for helping me get to Michigan and giving the bookcase a nice refinish.  Bethany for the sweet dishes setAmber for taking care of Chase and selling the truck for me.  And to all the folks that helped me unload that damned 26′ truck!  (Adam, Allen, Stacey, Aunt Marty, Eddie and his boys)  And not to forget Fran for the kick-ass going away (or GTFO) party!  I’d be nowhere if it weren’t for my awesome friends and family!!

Also a special thanks to my boss for allowing me to keep my job and benefits so far away from the home office!  That makes an incredible difference!

All their help I’ve been able to get back on my feet solidly.  It feels really good and it’s such a blessing, that after the worst years of my life, I’m finally able to have this.  There’s still a struggle to go.  Still a mountain of medical bills to pay.  Sometimes I stress over it.  I’m still certainly feeling lonely at times when no one can come around.  But it’s getting better and better and I couldn’t possibly ask for more.  Though with nickels here and dimes there, I am slowly making this a bearable place to live.  It’s by far better than some places I’ve had to live in the past.

In comparison to what it looked like just a couple of months ago, it’s so much nicer.  Just look at it now!  (yes, the posters are fake, but planned)

Thank You All!!