Fork it! I’m done!

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GhostsThere’s just no point in me playing World of Warcraft anymore.  Between the fact that I play alone, and that it seems almost every time Blizzard releases a new patch, I basically have to relearn to play my characters because of skill changes.  Though that’s not the only reason I quit World of Warcraft finally.  After leveling my Priest to 90, there was little left to do.  I was once happy helping an occasional stranger out.  Especially when it came to making things like Glyphs.  I was a full on Inscription Maker.  I used to be able to make it all.  Well, that is until Blizzard decided that you have to learn almost all the newest Glyphs by dropping the techniques off monsters rather than simply learn them from a trainer or do daily research.  Honestly, I have no interest in their new Timeless Isle non-sense.  As a soloist, it’s just hard to do with lower end gear.  Plus after a while, the old content becomes stagnant.  Even if it seemed I found new places to explore frequently, it was pretty much the same thing time and again.  In the end, I just logged in, crafted a few things and sold them.  Wash, rinse and repeat.

Though it seems the goal is the same in all MMO’s.  Just an endless quest for the best gear.  I miss the single player games that I used to love.  They had simpler mechanics to play.  A select few skills that would get you by to the end just fine and perhaps changing your gear out once or twice along the way while you enjoyed a good story line.  I’m really hoping they don’t ruin the new Thief with this nonsense.  The old versions of Thief, you didn’t change your armor at all.  You got perhaps cool gloves that allowed you to scale cement walls.  Or a new type of arrow.  It was all about the storyline.  Situations you had to figure out.  Now it’s gear, gear, gear and a bazillion skill options.  All the new MMO’s are so overly complicated in their character skills, I find it no fun anymore.  I think I’m done with MMO’s completely.  Even the new shooters are about gearing up and skills.  No more are the “grab a gun and hope your aim is good enough” shooter games like Unreal Tournament and Half-Life.

Of course now that I’m saving the monthly subscription fee and not falling prey to anymore “Free2Play” (because in reality they all become Pay2Win in the end) bullshit games…  I can only play my old games so long before I become overly bored with them.  I had hoped to find a new RPG to tide me over when I’ve nothing better to do.

I’ve tried the Dragon Age II Demo.  At first the controls were a bit daunting, but with anything you must learn to play it.  It started to look promising, granted it has the bazillion skill options.  But it wasn’t too scary looking to deal with.  That is… Until I died and realized that I suddenly had to play the other characters that had been with me.  Then I also realized I had to not only stat my character, but them as well.  That looked like overly complicated nonsense.

I wanted to try Skyrim, but there’s no demo and I stumbled upon a horrifying fact.  It requires a Steam account.  I tried Steam once before.  For one, I’m not a fan of DRM (Digital Rights Management).  It’s a fiasco at best to “keep users honest”.  It’s a bullying tactic they use to keep copyrights safe from those that would pirate software and digital media.  For the honest end user however, it’s just a major pain in the ass.  Steam tries to cover this up by saying they keep you up to date with patches (which they do), but god forbid you want to use a player made modification.  They’ll just over write it with the original code.  Plus it’s just another program I’ll never use that would have to always run on my machine when I don’t want or need it.  I shouldn’t have to have something I don’t want ever.  That’s like saying I need a video camera watching me in my own home that I can’t control.  Or in my car making sure I only go the speed limit.  Steam keeps your game saves on their servers.  I don’t find that a cool idea at all.  Oh sure it’s backed up to the “cloud” and it’s safe.  Don’t care.  I have my own backup practices that work just fine and no one needs access to my computer to do it.  I’m sick of all this cloud crap.  More and more we just hand our files over to the internet.  Soon we won’t even need our own hard drives.  But that’s another rant for another day.  In short I won’t be playing any game that requires me to install secondary software.  There have been other games like this that required something like punk buster or some nonsense, I don’t play those either.  I know I’m not alone in my hatred for Steam.

Perhaps my friends at DRM Free – Good Old Games ( has something.  Though they generally deal in outdated games revamped to work on modern PC’s and Macs.  Turns out my local Wal-Mart has stopped selling PC software with the exception of Anti-virus.  They used to be a great place to buy inexpensive games.

My search shall continue…