Attack of the “Downloaders”

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DownloaderTen years ago when the world was mostly on Dial-up internet connections.  Software Downloaders would’ve been a godsend.  Now in the age of high speed internet connections the world over, Dial-up is becoming a thing of the past.  Yet, now we are starting to be flooded with Software Downloaders for everything we want to install on our computers.  When I can download a 20MB file in a matter of seconds, what the hell is the need for a 1MB downloader file?  It’s just an extra and ultimately useless step.  Many times laden with ads to get you to install software you don’t even need.  Or praying on you to install something that requires payment.  All these do is muck up the process that should be simple.

Below is a screenshot of software I frequently use and keep a copy of for quick reference for when I do tech work.  Hence every time they update, I download a fresh copy.  With Sofware Downloaders being the main thing I get, I have to scrounge up the links to get skip the useless things and get to the meat of the actual software I want.

File Sizes

As you can see, none of these files are worth making a downloader application for.  Even on a 768K DSL connection, it would take a little over 5 minutes to download the largest file in that list.  So why the need?  Granted, dial-up service still affects a big part of the country.  However, most customers never download updates, let alone repeated file downloads like I do.  More over, it seems more and more software companies are jumping on the band wagon.  The whole thing seems like a “useless exercise in futility” as they say.

Granted, when you have software like a video game that takes hours to download on a big connection, a downloader would be not only useful, but welcome just in case the initial transfer got interrupted for whatever reason.  But in the case of what is now considered small files of 50MB and below.  It seems they are just a complete waste of time and energy.

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