Quintessential Quintet and More!

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Five Level 90 ToonsGetting from Level 30 to Level 80 in just over two weeks was pretty spiffy.  Sure you can level a toon in like 3 days from 1 to 90, but even I’m not that big of a loser.  So it took me another two weeks to get from 80 to 90.  Still it’s pretty cool, though I don’t think I’ll ever level another character.  Having five maximum level characters is a lot to keep up with.  Debating on deleting the Huntard and Pally.  I just don’t see me doing the whole level up thing again.  It will be more than enough to keep up with all the high ones when the cap is raised.

Theona is also damn near max on all her skills.  Not sure when they made Archeology so easy to level.  It now helps you level no matter how high your skill is.  I’m fairly sure that’s new as I hated bothering with it before.  The only reason I even tried with the priest is she’s also has the skill AlchemyTransmutation Master.  As an Archeologist, I’m seeking a Recipe: Vial of the Sands.  A Vial of the Sands will turn a player into a cool dragon.  (see 3D image from the link)

This makes Theodas, Theodes, TheodazTheona and Kyllia all my max level toons.

On top of it, a few days ago, my one man Guild, CastleRain made it to Level 11.  Granted, it’s not the coveted Level 25, but it’s a pretty damned good achievement for being the only person with toons in it!  What is so special about Level 11?  Mobile Banking!  Now I can access the goods in the Guild Bank without having to travel to a major city just to spend five minutes putting stuff in, or taking it out.  If you are wondering about the achievement image for the guild reaching Level 11, yeah there is no such achievement.  I just got skillz!  😈

So… Neener! Neener! Neener! …and stuff…