Settling In

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My little apartment is finally starting to take shape and look like a place to call home.  I finally have places for folks to sit!  (hint, hint – visitors welcome 🙂 )  Still in desperate need of storage as evident by my clothes are in a cardboard box in the bedroom and I still have 3 full packed boxes I dig through frequently to get things.  So storage options are still on my list.  Been checking craigslist, thrift stores and so on.  If anyone sees something decent yet cheap, let me know.  I’ll figure out a way to get it to the apartment somehow.

Not pictured, is the bookshelf that John gave me.  It’s currently being refinished.

Isn’t it nice, orderly and clean!?!  Such a refreshing change for me on that aspect alone 😀  Of course I did spend some hours scrubbing the tile floors, and vacuuming at great length the carpets.  They could use a shampoo when I can find a machine to borrow.

Even more shocking, I’ve been cooking.  Yes, my apologies to the neighbors for the bad smells.  I’m trying dammit! 😆  Although I think I have the Banana Smoothie just about perfected 😀  As soon as I get some baking pans, I’ll start dabbling in that too.

Also it’s evident that I need more picture frames.  I’ve got one up!  Possibly a scenic wall piece too.

As per request of a friend, he had me make an Amazon Wish List.  This is not by any means a request for everyone to look at.  I don’t expect anyone to buy me anything.  The list I keep on here is for folks to keep an eye out for things, with some links for reference.  If you wish to buy me something purely because you want too, fine.  I’m not asking anyone to do that.

Seriously, I’ve been in town a month now, seen a few people.  Would love to see all those who haven’t come by yet.  If you don’t want to come to my apartment, we can meet somewhere in town.  Everything is within walking distance of where I’m living.  I’d be happy to meet you for coffee or a drink (or whatever) with all of you.