Glad to be Back!

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Happy to be Back in MichiganIt’s been just over a week and had the stabbing pains of a couple of spurs on my spine to deal with and yet I feel so good.  Emotionally mostly.  I can’t believe how much I really missed living in Northern Lower Michigan.  It’s so damned beautiful and it’s a clear difference when it comes to the folks who live here.  I’ve had so many random and pleasant conversations already with people I’ve never met.  You just don’t get that in the big city.

In so many ways, it’s almost as if I never left.  It’s still beautiful, it’s still has that down home feel to it.  Even if my town got a little bit bigger.  Not big enough to have it’s own Starbucks, but at least a tiny one in one of the more popular grocery stores.  Right next to the in-store Dairy Queen.  We also have a Cold Stone too, but it’s shared with some place that’s called Tim Hortons.  I guess it’s similar to a Starbucks.  Hell for indulgence, that’s all I really need anyways.  The hometown restaurants are the places to go for food.  Not those national chain places.  Just tried Sweet and Sour Coleslaw.  Never going to want regular coleslaw again, it’s freakin’ awesome!

I’ve already had friends greet me and more are on the way today and on Thursday.  There’s some nice little meeting places down the street from me that serves really good food.  Timothy’s Pub, Alpine Tavern, Gobblers and BigBuck Brewery & Steakhouse just to name a few.  They all apparently need a better web designer.  (hint, hint) Just about everything I need is in walking distance which will help me lose weight and I won’t need a car right away.  Besides, gas is currently $4.28/gal here.  Can you say Holy Bank Drain Batman?

My sons have grown so much, and are now fine young men who love me as if I had been here all along.  I just can’t wish for anything better.  I’m so looking forward to spending all the possible time I can with my friends and family.  I’m positive I’ve done the right thing this time.  For the first time in years, I’ve made a good decision.

Took a quick walk before work last Friday and it was just as I had remembered.  The sun coming up glistening off the dew covered grass, the smell in the air.  Somehow it just smells cleaner.  Perhaps due to the much smaller population and abundance of trees.  Only one dead shopping center that should be bulldozed down verses one every couple of blocks and traffic as far as thee I can see.

I do dearly miss my family in Virginia already and the fluffy dog that once stood by my side every moment I was home.  I so wished I could’ve brought him with me.  Sadly not one place I could afford allowed pets.  As for my family in VA, they all have an open invitation to come visit.

Feeling a bit of rock n’ roll over the whole thing.  Press Play! ↓