Kick-Ass Friend Award!

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Kick-Ass Friend AwardThis award goes to a ..  well  a Kick-Ass friend!  Some folks will offer you a shoulder to lean on.  Some will like you only if you constantly make them smile.  Some will do favors for you.  Some will do a combination of all of those things.

Then there is one or two in the whole crowd that will make you feel wonderful just by them being who they are.  They will do things for you, and not blink, complain or even have a second thought about the matter.  You don’t find many people like this today.  Hell, in many cases, people can be so shallow that there are deeper mud puddles that won’t even get your feet wet when you step in them.

I’m talking about Gene Gammon.  The she recently helped me secure a place to live when I move back home.

Why am I making such a fuss over it?  It’s because I left Michigan nearly 20 years ago.  Vanishing, but not without a trace.  I’ve always made it relatively easy to find me.  But that’s not the point.  The point is I left and fell out of touch with family and friends.  I let myself fall away from everyone I knew and loved.

When Gene and I reconnected, it was like it had only been hours since we last talked.  We caught back up, we laughed, made plans on doing things and it was excellent.

Then I asked her if she’d do me this favor.  I know it was a lot to ask of her as she works full time and raises 3 teenage girls.  Which I know from experience is tough to do even with two parents.  She’s dealing with a loss and restarting her own life.  Yet, she managed to take time out of her busy schedule and social life to make appointments with people and go visit, inspect and photograph apartments for me.  She’s one kick-ass friend!

Thank you Gene!

Now… I need someone to help me move a body…  Any volunteers?  (just kidding sheesh)