Stress Relief Comes to the Android Finally

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Carmageddon for AndroidToday Carmageddon (the 1997 original) was released on the Android phone and tablets.  Months after the iCrap version was released.  Sadly it’s missing the ability to upload videos directly to YouTube, but it’s not missing the gore and mayhem of the game itself!  It plays and looks better than ever!

Yes, this is an actual screenshot from my own Android Phone.  And yes, those are dead cows on the road.  The dead people are behind me 😈

Finally a game I can play when people piss me off and I’m not near my computer to play Grand Theft Auto.  I can just race, kill peds and blow up other drivers at my leisure 🙂

Just in time, as moving, especially a thousand miles.  Can be incredibly stressful.  Considering my traveling companion, it will be nearly miraculous if I don’t end up stressed along the way.  So at the hotels along our journey, this will come in really handy.  {laughs maniacally}

Download on Google Play Crap Store