That’s Bad for You!

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That's Bad for You!Now there is four words I have grown absolutely sick to death of hearing.  It’s nearly as bad as someone calling me Colorado.  Forty four years and it’s still not funny.  Every time I hear “That’s bad for you.”, all I want to do is develop inhuman strength and punch a hole in the person’s head.

Of course it’s bad for you.  Just about every thing in the world is bad for you.  I’m pretty sure they air you are breathing reading this is likely bad for you.  Pollen, dust, dander, allergens, toxins from cars, factories and every other byproduct of all things man made that we’ve created over the past millennium .  Though I’m pretty sure you need to breathe or you will die.  So in a way it’s also very good for you.

Don’t get me started on sex.  It’s likely more bad than good for you.  STD’s, children, the next morning trying to remember his or her name…  Yet that doesn’t stop people from having it.  I know someone who has had more sex partners in the past 2 months, than 5 average folks would have their whole lives combined.  But hey, they’re on birth control, so it makes it alright.  (shudders)

Diet foods contain insane amounts of sodium in many cases.  Which for a person like me is very bad.  Nuts, while fattening, is good for the heart.

Even though I’ve radically changed my diet.  Got my cholesterol in check and have been losing weight.  It never seems to fail that at least once or twice a week, I hear these words because of something I am about eat or do, is bad for me in their opinion.

God bless everyone for their concern, but holy cow give it a rest!  I can’t even really be sure if it’s genuine concern, or some sort of programmed response based on something they hear, or read about once.  Which really brings to question if they remember it correctly.

Yes, I still splurge on eating ice cream or something.  I’m not going to die a complete miserable bastard.  Sure there are diet deserts, but I like what I like.  Just because there’s some healthier choice out there, I’m still going to eat what I like.  I still manage to keep things in check to my own satisfaction.

And for all the carb counting and fearing humans… I present unto thee my Lord and Master!

Foamy makes a good point in the next video, about the health ramifications of puncture wounds in the throat.

Besides, constantly saying “That’s bad for you!” or continuing to call me Colorado, may end up being bad for you!


4 thoughts on “That’s Bad for You!

  1. Adele

    Ice-cream has calcium in it. Calcium is good for bone strength. It is ok in every now and again.
    Being angry is not good for your mental health. Boxing on the other hand is very good for strength and cardiovascular fitness. Just punch em in the nose next time.

    Stop giving people the power to control your emotional wellbeing. You are the only one who controls what anger you hold onto and what anger you choose to blow off as people being idiots. When you stay angry at idiots you are the only one suffering.. they have NO CLUE.

    *hugs* be kind to yourself.

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