Goodbye Virgin! Hello Verizon!

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Samsung Galaxy ProclaimThat’s all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!  So said Popeye anyways.  I’ve been with Virgin Mobile for a number of years now.  I did like their customer service and low cost phones.  However, when I got my first Android about 2 years ago, I learned that their 3G service in my area just sucks eggs.  It rides on the Sprint network and around Hampton Roads, it’s so over sold that a person is lucky if they get 0.1MB download speeds on average currently.  It was around 0.5MB at first, but as time went on, it got much worse.  To the point it was completely unusable.  My Waze app would always have a hard time keeping up to date.

That and with my up coming move, Sprint’s network barely covers Gaylord.  Most of the county is not covered at all.  Upon doing some research, Verizon and AT&T have the best to offer in my home town.  There was only one thing left to do.  Switch.

Although I couldn’t go for the phone I wanted because I wanted to keep most of my money in the bank, I did get this nifty little number.  It’s not super powerful or flashy, but it’s pretty solid.  A Samsung Galaxy Proclaim (a.k.a. Illusion clone).

I do like this version of the unlock and notification screen 🙂 Handy to be able to swipe directly to a text message (orange circles) or missed call (red circles).

According to the coverage map for Verizon, I shouldn’t have too much trouble in Northern Michigan for service.  As well as it certainly is nice to get some decent 3G speeds while I’m still stuck for the next month.  There is no point in going to a 4G or 4G LTE phone, since there isn’t any 4G yet in my small home town.  There is in Traverse City, but I’m not going to live there.  Just visit…  Frequently…

Got to readjust to small town life.  Now I just need find an affordable place to live up there that has high speed internet.  So I can telecommute to my job here in Virginia.