30-ish Day Notice

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NoticeOK folks.  The time is nearly upon us.  Some will be happy, some will be sad.  Some may feel like running away and joining the foreign legion.  Can’t say I’d blame you.  Most of you know I’m moving back to Gaylord Michigan.  Time to go home.  I’ve got about a month left before the trucks actually roll out.  So those in VA that want to see me before I go, make your plans now.  Those who want to celebrate my departure with a “Thank God and Greyhound He’s Gone” party, you’ll want to wait until June 1st (as I’ll be gone by then).

This is also sufficient time for those in Michigan to prepare themselves for my arrival.  Either by welcoming me home, moving to another country or at least changing your voice mail to sound like your number is owned by some Cuban family so I’ll leave you alone.

I’m not going to be shy here either, any help would be appreciated.  Whether it’s helping pack or unpack the truck or if you want to just wish me and my Mom well on our journey.  You can also drop a few dollars if you like to us via PayPal.

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