Old School Raiding

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Old RaidsYeah that title might be a bit deceiving.  Yet accurate.  Whatever.  So lately instead of mindless questing repeatedly through the different toons I have in WoW, I’ve been doing things that I had until now, never done.  (Did someone order an run-on sentence?)

See, when I had friends that played WoW, they managed to take me into the Icecrown Citadel and played the game of “It’s not Heroic, Now it is.”.  That’s when it was relatively new, and unless geared, fairly difficult.  I never did complete it.  We spent 5 hours one night doing it, and were supposed to go back and finish it the next night.  I got home from work late and they replaced me.  C’est la vie

There’s no way in hell I could sit for 5 hours in front of a PC now.  Even at work, I take frequent breaks and walk around.  Needless to say, I don’t raid.  Well… Not with other people anyways.  My new stance is to quest and enjoy all the little things I never did before in Warcraft.  After years of playing, I still find new things to do.  It’s overwhelming just how vast this game really is.  It’s still freaking awesome!

Then I realized something new.  I’ve got high level characters, can I do raids by myself?  Since they reset only once a week, it seems likely that I might be able too.  Surely enough, I’ve been raiding my little heart out 🙂

All my high level toons have done Molten Core.  I’ve also done Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj on Kyllia (completely solo).  Almost did Ahn’Qiraj Temple, apparently need a bit of help on those twins….  And Karazhan is freaking gorgeous!  Too bad I’ll need a hand with that nasty Chess Game boss fight.  Also want to try my hand at the others like Blackwing Lair and anything else I can find.  Old School and Burning Crusades.

Getting all sorts of nifty pets, mounts and cool armor that I can Transmorgrify 😈