I’m So Random (WoW Edition)

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I'm So RandomThis is an addon I originally did for Runes of Magic.  I finally figured out how to port it to World of Warcraft!  (happy dance)

Out gathering ore again? Doing daily quests? Bored and there’s nothing really going on in chat. Not sure what to say to start a conversation? Want to make some person go o.O as they pass you buy? Here’s your solution! I’m So Random! Just press the corresponding button for chat, party chat, guild chat, or map (yell) chat and something completely random will be shouted out.

While I’ve carefully constructed the comments to be a bit off the wall, nothing should be offensive to anyone. Unless of course they are simply over sensitive. And there’s nothing anyone can do about that. Be careful though, you can get yourself into trouble by pressing the button too many times an annoying everyone. This is not my intention for this addon. Please, DO NOT SPAM. Otherwise, have fun starting conversations!

I’m not an expert LUA coder and you may find bugs. If you do, please be as descriptive as possible so that I can eventually work out the kinks. If you are an expert LUA coder and have advice, I’m all ears. Send me a PM via Curse. Or contact me via email.

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