App Madness Continues!

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App MadnessSeems that the need for apps on different platforms is just going out of control from where I sit.  I talked about this before.  Apps being on all different flavors of smartphones from Android, to iPhone, to Crackberry.  With tablet versions of each for the respective mobile OS.  Then the need to support old and new versions of each OS as they update every few months unlike a computer OS.  Although, that seems to be changing as well with Windows and OS X doing more frequent updates than they used too.

With all the different OS options a developer has to deal with, it’s amazing they have time to make improvements.  It seems they would end up spending all their time patching issues rather than developing new software.

If this type of thing hasn’t already proven itself a bad idea with the load of different Linux flavors out on the market today; with their different install methods and variations of how they present things to the end user… It’s a wonder they gain ground at all.  To the average Joe, that’s just confusing.

Granted, installing apps on a mobile device is just tap and done usually.  Thus the wide spread popularity.  It’s easy to use.  (knock, knock, knock Mr. Penguin)

And speaking of Linux, the boys and girls at Ubuntu have decided to throw their hat in the ring.  Making their own Mobile OS.  Also, the folks at the Mozilla camp are poising to release Firefox OS.  Both will of course have app stores.  So developers will have to learn the new OS’s if they want to grab a slice of that audience for their wares.

Oh and of course we can’t forget that great new Operating System all my customers hate… Windows 8…  Now you have desktop programs and Metro apps!!  Yippee!  You can have Internet Exploiter as an app, and Skype as an app.   I guess having the desktop programs wasn’t enough.  Now we have 2 of each installed on the same PC.  You know Ma and Pa kettle haven’t a clue they only need the one.  And it’s likely they won’t share info between two.  Did you know favorites in Internet Exploiter Desktop are not available in Internet Exploiter for Metro?  So I’m told anyways.  I don’t use it.  Still not a Metro fan.

Oh and let’s not forget your TV, Media device and Blu-Ray player has apps too!

Question that I see is…. When do app developers finally say enough of this nonsense!?!??  There are so many platforms they have to write the same software for over and over.  It’s freaking delusional that they have to put up with this so their fans can have their software.  How about a little cross platform love?  Or a few less damned platforms…  I’m glad I’m not an app developer.  As a Web Designer, it’s hard enough to make sure that my sites look good on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Exploiter, Opera and Safari web browsers.  Although I’ve considered developing for Android apps, but then my audience would only get the one platform.  I don’t have the time, patients or money to learn iPhone, Crackberry, Metro, Chrome, Ubuntu, Firefox OS and all the others…

It’s Nuckin’ Futs!!