My Heart is Still Beating

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HeartHey everyone!  Here it is, one year since my near fatal heart attacks and I’m much stronger and feeling better than ever!  I’m still fighting to lose the weight, and I’m on my way to living much more normal lifestyle and I couldn’t be more excited about it!!

Stacey and I are doing very well.  It’s been a few months now and we’ve grown really close to one another.  I’m anxious to actually start going out with her in person when I finally get home to Michigan.  I think I’ve gotten someone great for company to help get me away from the computer some and begin to use my heart for something other than what moves my blood through my veins 🙂

Between the exercise, food changes, I think I mostly got my meds straight now and warm and fuzzy feelings going on, this is starting to turn out to be a great year!!


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