Looking for someone willing to die…

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AnnounceRes Addon for World of WarcraftNow there’s an attention grabbing headline!  Though don’t go panicking, it’s not mortal death I’m after, just video game death.  Specifically, World of Warcraft.  Where a number of my handy toons would be more than willing, ready and able to recover your pixelated body from the great beyond.  (or at least that “walk of shame” black and white dream state they put you in once you have been “crit smacked back to the boondocks”)

Over the years of playing World of Warcraft, I’ve used a number of “addons” that help people get a better experience from the game.  I’ve even have two addons that I maintain.  One of which I inherited when the original author abandoned his project.

It’s called AnnouceRes.

It’s function is incredibly simple.  It detects whether or not you are in an instance, such as a Raid, Dungeon or Event that you are in a group of other players.  It then determines if you are casting a resurrection spell on a targeted player who is unfortunately suffering from digital death.  So as other players know you are doing so, it announces in the proper chat channel who you have targeted, and what you are casting.  This helps other players with similar skills to know you are already working this issue.  So if there are multiple casualties, they can focus on others who need help.  Especially handy if all toons with resurrection skills have this addon as well.  There would be no confusion and all skills that have long cool downs won’t be wasted on two or more players using their skills on the same dead target.  I’ve even updated it to include all spells that can resurrect (like Defibrillate from Engineers with their Swiss Army Knife) and the new Monk skills as well.  (I’m so handy 🙂 )

Now that you know what it does, here’s my issue.  As of the update 5.1 for World of Warcraft developers added a new chat type called Instance.  Not having played dungeons much lately, I hadn’t noticed it.  Until last Friday when I tried to use a resurrection skill and my handy addon said “You are not in a Party”.  Which really means I wasn’t in Party chat like normal, I was in Instance chat.  Hence the error.  So I’m trying to update the addon to work in this new chat.  While it works flawlessly in its intended modes or Raid and Party, I need to test my updates to make sure it works properly Instance chat before I release the update.  Sadly, you can’t just party up and walk into a dungeon to get into Instance chat.  You’ll be in Party chat instead.  You need to use the Dungeon Finder.  Of course I don’t want to ask anyone to die that I don’t know just so I can test an addon.  Most players don’t like dying as it starts a Tank/Healer bitch fest.  As if dying is such a tragedy.  In any case, if you have World of Warcraft and can friend me using BattleTag: Theodas#1850 we can party up, and que for the Dungeon Finder and I can test my addon.  That is, if you have the balls to take one for the team.  A few times… to uh… test all known resurrection spells in Instance chat.