Hackers and Stalkers….

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Hacking an AccountOne of my biggest annoyances with social networking, is how we simply degrade the meaning of terms.  Terms that once held, in what I would call, a higher standard before as opposed to the way it’s used today.


It’s funny how the term hacking has really lost most of its meaning.  Hacking used to require skill to obtain the previously thought unobtainable.  Now all one has to do to “hack” is wait for someone to forget to log out of their account and simply mess with openly available settings…  I’m so very disappointed that just about anyone can be considered a hacker now.  Back in the day, you wouldn’t even get called a hacker if you used a known exploit to obtain your objective.  You were looked down upon as less than a hacker, and given names like “script-kiddies” or something along those lines.

To me, what is happening in most cases, should simply be referred to as a “prank”.  The target person or so-called victim, didn’t pay enough attention to the fact that they forgot to log out of their account before walking away.  Someone else simply took advantage of this situation to be mischievous.  In the case of my nephew doing this very thing yesterday, he’s now being punished for hacking the account.  He hasn’t discovered the password, he didn’t bypass any security measures and he is certainly not posing any threat to any other users on Facebook.  He merely took advantage some someone’s carelessness in order to have a little harmless fun.  I am certainly not against him being punished.  However, punish a person for their crimes, not for the victims ignorance, and then label the perpetrator something they are really not.


I’m sure when his mom figures out why I wrote this post, she will likely refer to me as a stalker.  It seems everyone is a “stalker” now.  All one has to do to earn this label today, is merely read what is publicly available to them.  It used to be that this term, was a gross and disgusting label that was once given to only people, who literally had some mental issue that would instill fear in to their targets.  I cringe every time I get called a stalker.  It makes my skin crawl and turns my stomach, as I would never ever want to be labeled a stalker.  I don’t think it’s remotely funny, I do not find it a cute term of endearment, or even think it should be referred to as someone who reads.  That’s all it amounts too these days.  What the hell happened to society.   I mean, if you don’t want my opinion, reaction or want me to know something.  Then don’t post it where I’m likely to see it.  The object of social networking, as far as I know, is for community involvement in one means or other.  The first and foremost is through commenting.  This post actually started out as a comment to my nephew’s incarceration as it were.  However, it turned into the straw that broke the camels back of my frustration with the flagrant misuse of these two terms, and has evolved into one of my “I hate how the world has become more ignorant and stupid”, rants.

I realize this is my own personal pet peeves with society in general these days.  I also realize that the majority rules.  So many people do this kind of nonsense thanks to the wonderful world of the internet and social networks.  Everyone has to do something in order to make themselves feel cool now.

The question is, what’s next?  Will I soon be considered a rapist because I “friended” (there’s another idiotic term…) the daughter of a close friend of mine, who just happens to be under the age of 18?  Honestly, that would be a seriously sick accusation.  Then again, I don’t think being called a stalker is much better.