Life’s Little Victories…

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Robby Flay CheerSometimes you just need to celebrate life’s little victories.  I have one to celebrate today as I got an email confirming that I’m not crazy after all.  At least, less like I’m going crazy.  You know, that feeling you get when you know for a fact, that you’re right when everyone else says you are wrong….

Let me explain…

While I am an Evil Genius and all, I have a lot of tools at my disposal.  There is however, a secret weapon I use to help me when I make these gorgeous websites.  It’s not part of my freeware.  So when I ran across a show stopping issue with it, I tried my best to make the community of users aware of this issue via their forums.  As I had thought that the best place to bring it up.  Hoping that the developers paid attention to their users concerns.  However, I guess not all companies pay attention to their customer forums like other companies do (Hi Blizzard!).

I ended up wasting several days of my time trying to argue that I had found a very serious problem and that it should be addressed.  Instead I was met with self proclaimed experts who clearly thought I was off my trolley, as it were.  Instead of them following my carefully laid out explanation, or trying to reproduce the issue themselves…  They merely made suggestions that I must have overlooked something obvious or that my WordPress installation was somehow incorrect.

I’d like to think that after 5 years of using WordPress, I’m somewhat of an expert of what I can do with it, how to install it and how to operate it to nearly it’s full extent of use.  I don’t go advertising myself as such, as I don’t want to start taking a billion questions about it.  I make it look pretty and I use it, but I don’t want to be tech support for it.  I save my tech skills for computers.  It’s where I excel in life.

As it turns out, this company apparently only focuses only on customer support tickets.  So carefully playing the side of the customer, I was sure to cross my t’s and dot my i’s and made sure that I had every detail they needed right up front (god I wish customers would do that for me, instead of making me beg them to read the WHOLE ERROR MESSAGE!!!! … er sorry got sidetracked…).  Anyway… and with just a few days passing, I received the following email response today:

Hi Denver,

Sorry for the delay in responding.
Thanks for reporting this issue.
We were able to reproduce it and it’s currently investigating by our developers.
The fix should be included in the next update of our software.
We apologize for this temporary inconvenience.

So neener neener neener to all those useless self experts that troll forums trying to make themselves sound important!  Of course, I still have to wait for the next release to find out if they actually fixed it, but since they confirmed I did find a problem, I am at least for now hopeful that I did a good thing.


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