We’re Back!

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We're Back!Theodes, Kyllia, Theodas and Theodaz (and a few nooblet toons) are back in Warcraft with a different approach.  I’m Alliance once again and plan to stay that way.  Horde has better jokes and all, but their racial talents aren’t nearly as handy and let’s face it, they are fugly for the most part.  Most Horde cities are a labyrinth of mindless nonsense.  And Silvermoon?  Way to turn a beautiful city in to a desolate paradise Blizzard.  Undercity is almost the same, except it is a horrid place, but still virtually vacant.  (To be honest, I’d love to see Lordaeron restored, probably was really cool looking.)  Coolest of the Horde are the Goblins but it only carries them so far.  Recreated my CastleRain Guild, but this time it’s just me and my toons.  Since I can’t really raid, there’s no point to joining other guilds, I can talk to everyone I want and not feel guilty of not doing things that require me to sit for hours on end.  If I want to quit game and get up and go out, then by all means I can.  Though I love the storage space of a guild bank 🙂

They’ve obviously changed a few things, rep is super easy to get with guild and I’ve already got the guild leveled up to 3 and it’s just my toons doing quests.  And I leveled my Death Knight to 80 in a matter of days from 55 since Christmas.  Talk about fast.  Wonder if 80 – 85 is just as easy.  I know going from 85 to 90 wasn’t so hot, but the quests were interesting enough to bear repeating.

{Forrest Gump} And that’s all I have to say about that.

I do have one question though…  When are we going to kick the Horde’s ass for destroying Theramore!!!