30 Days with Windows 8

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My enthusiasm isn’t nearly that of when I did this for Windows 7.  I still love Windows 7.  Can’t fathom that I’ll ever, ever, in my wildest nightmares, accept Metro as a suitable Start Menu/Desktop replacement.  I think they only thing I actually like (even though I had finally gotten used to it), was that they removed Aero, and now your desktop taskbar (and Classic Shell Menu) adapt to the color of whatever background picture you have up.  As exampled below 😈

Classic Shell is the ONLY reason I can find Windows 8 tolerable.  There are still a load of aggravating quirks that make me wish I could fire Microsoft employees for getting high and making this operating system in the first place.

As I said in a previous post, as well as countless others have said the same, it seems that Microsoft only makes a good operating system every other release.  Although, I have my doubts that this trend of Good / Bad will continue.  I fear from here it’s all down hill.  It’s like Microsoft needs a boob job because their shit is sagging badly.

I will give Windows 8 kudos for better virtualization.  However, only power users bother with it.  So, for the vast majority of PC users, big whoop-ti-do. Compatibility mode seems to be lacking as older programs that once ran fine using it, are now broken.  So that puts a few oldy but goldy games I love dearly in the hurt locker.  Well, that is until I managed to finagle with the video drivers enough to make them work, but even then, the average person will not know how, or want to do this.

I’m just not on board with my desktop becoming a tablet.  I think they should be separate.  Of course, I’m sure I’m overruled in this.  As people make love to their portable devices and all the years of my yelling at folks to keep their fingerprints off my damned screen, now it’s going to be a touch screen world.  Soon, you’ll have touchscreen TV’s which seems to defeat the whole thing of having a remote so you don’t have to jump up to deal with the TV.  Or there will be touchscreen remotes.  Seems distracting to have that in a darkened room watching a moving and suddenly the remote lights up to turn up the volume.  I’m all for progress and newer technology, but making every computer a tablet isn’t what I had in mind.  Although, I am all for an Android Desktop PC.  Just with a keyboard and mouse.  Although, I do like using my big screen TV as a monitor.  Makes gaming fun.  It’s my all in one, entertainment center.  I just don’t wish to reach over my desk to touch something when my mouse is right there.  Nor do I want to try to watch a 3D Blu-ray and see fingerprints…

Maybe I’ll get lucky and the feedback on Windows 8 will steer Microsoft back to a true desktop PC.  I just have a bad feeling it won’t.  As cliché as it sounds, only time will tell.