Why didn’t I think of this before!?!?

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It’s one of those days that I could just smack myself in the head and say “I could’ve had a V8!” er.. I mean “Why didn’t I think of this before!?!?”.   It’s like, have you ever found yourself trying madly to handle a situation in your life, that you spend so much time thinking on it, you miss the obvious answer that has been thrown in your face over and over and over again?  Yeah… This is one of those times for me.  In so much, I feel a bit sheepish.

In my self banishment from MMO’s in order to get away from the computer and get back into shape..  I’ve tried numerous game demos, and even bought some older cheap games hoping they’d satisfy the void of not being able to play my beloved World of Warcraft.  WoW had all the elements I craved in a game.  It’s had a lighthearted look about it, with it’s cartoonish graphics and the banter of the NPC’s that always keep it upbeat.  It’s vast landscape that in many ways is beautiful and artistic.  I could make useful items as well as supercilious things just to keep myself happy.  I could play in a group or by myself.

But every game I’ve tried up until now, has left me feeling like something was missing.

So I kept looking because I didn’t want games that were based on:

Yet the answer was staring me in the face.  Minecraft!

  • Buy once, play forever.  No subscriptions nothing to buy to keep up with other players from some in-game store.
  • I can play by myself or with others.
  • I can save and quit anytime I like.
  • I can craft anything!  I can make a whole world of my own.
  • It’s cartoonish yet has the feel of an MMO.
  • It’s a mere $27 to buy the full game.

While I will miss riding an epic dragon mount or smoke spewing rocket, I can fly in Minecraft.  Everything I could ever want to do.  If I want to build, craft, explore, fight, survive, loot and so much more!  And… I’ve always wanted to build CastleRain just the way I wanted it.  Now I can 😀