Goodbye Ventrilo, Hello RaidCall

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If you’ve looked at the Ventrilo status that used to be on the side bar in the past few weeks, you’ve noticed it’s empty.  It’s not because all my friends stopped hanging out, they have just moved to a new medium to hang out on.  It’s similar to Vent, but it’s free.  It’s called RaidCall.

With Vent, it was only free for others to install the software, set it up and then enjoy talking with everyone.  This actually proved more tricky that one might imagine.  In-so-much that I had created a detailed tutorial that proved popular among other people.   Even then, it wasn’t without daunting issues.  Such as feedback noises, god awful static and the ability to accidentally mute yourself and it would take forever to get people straight.

I’m not fully sure of how the move took place, as I hadn’t been on Vent in weeks myself.  Getting away from the computer, has sadly left my friends wondering where I am, or how I’m doing.  (of course they are all free to text me or call me on the phone 😉 )  Though I imagine a lot of it was a cost issue.  As Vent, costs to have a server.  Unless you violate the license, and run a private server.  We’ve had an account with UGT-Servers since 2007.   So each year I’d solicit donations from everyone.  We’d renew vent and life moved forward.

In truth though, I’m a bit sad over this.  Even though I’m not on much, I liked having a central place for my friends.  I might not be logged on, but I would load up my website on my laptop, or my Android just to glance at the status to see who was online.  It almost became a tradition as we in our own way became family.  It’s like that old house you grew up in.  Even though I moved away, I always want to come back and visit that familiar place.  Now it’s like that empty old house on the street where I used to live.  No one is there anymore.  The family has moved out and into a new home across town (metaphorically speaking).

I know I can simply log on to the new RaidCall channel they’ve setup.  Somehow, it’s just not the same.  We’ve had that Vent account for a number of years now.  It’s actually going to be hard for me to hit the cancel account button.  Even though it was a digital hangout.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.  And another piece of my history will become nothing more than fond memories.

I did setup a RaidCall group for CastleRain, even though most have joined other groups.  This one will be around just if anyone wants to group and chill.  5315200