Mac Gaming Gaining Ground

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This is just my own personal observation.  As I’m hunting for a new game I’d like to play, I started noticing the flood of games with Mac Betas or fully operational Mac versions, where there was none before.

Games such as the new Guild Wars 2, and old favorites such as Lord of the Rings Online are joining the bunch.  I have also seen a few lesser known names joining the push.  I may be wrong, but I kind of doubt it.  Seems they all share the same impression I have about the new Windows 8 Metro bologna that Microsoft is force feeding the general public… (take breath)  Is only going to have faithful computer lovers move to operating systems that don’t suck.  Hence Mac with their overly “pretty” OS X desktop environment.  However, it is boatloads easier and more comprehensive to use than Metro.

As well as with the unbelievable amount of kick-ass games now available for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), such as Order and Chaos Online (Android / iOS) and Dark Legends… Many people will simply give up on PC gaming all together.  If anything was going to kill PC gaming, Microsoft’s new abomination, Windows 8 has certainly started this decline to eventual oblivion.  I for one, do not want a giant ass tablet environment as my “desktop”.  I’ll just use my tablet for that nonsense.

Although, this makes me think that if desktop computers has been more like mobile devices are now, people wouldn’t have such a hard time using them.  Installing and removing apps are a breeze, you can have wonderful moving desktops and smooth operation.  I guess that’s a blog for another day.  I know there is an Android Desktop PC kind of gadget, but I feel it could have so much more potential.

This is also a great opportunity for Linux.  However, this in my thoughts, would require the Linux Community to come together and have one unified Linux distribution.  If they ever want Joe User to come to the dark side, it will take more than cookies to bring them in.  They will need an easy to use, and standardized way of doing things.  As I’ve noticed, if I say I like Ubuntu.  My friends will tell me to try Linux Mint.  If everyone is using different distros, no game developer is going to want to waste time on Linux at all.  It’s aggravating to see install options for Redhat, Ubuntu, and other flavors just to run one application.  Fuck that, unify people!

I digress, but only a little.

As a side note, I am looking for a single player game that plays like an MMO.  Hang on now.  I know what response you want to give me already.  As with everyone else, you will want jump on the acronym of MMO and immediately tell me what an idiot I am.  As MMO’s are community driven blah blah blah.  I want the mechanics of the game to be like an MMO, not to joining parties and go raiding.  I want a game with quests, the ability to explore freely, an inventory, some crafting, but mostly I want skills that I can assign to an action bar.  This is hard to find apparently.  Most games I find, you are stuck with a specific skill set, like it or not.  Which makes everything a text book, figure it out and play.  I’d rather be able to pick and choose my skills, arrange them as I see fit and try different strategies to get through the game.  Maybe run through it two or three times with different builds.  That is what I mean by MMO style.  Any suggestions?  As for MMO’s, I want to get away more form the PC, so I’d rather a game I can play for 10 minutes or so, hit “Save” and quit.

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