Man, Sandy was wet!

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A lot of wind too!  I’m of course talking about Hurricane Sandy that blew in on the East Coast today.  North of us thankfully.  Wasn’t nearly as bad as Hurricane Isabel, not nearly as sexy sounding at Tropical Storm Ernesto (the 2006 version)…  Hell even Hurricane Irene mucked up my yard a bit and left me with two whinny teenagers and no power for 2 days.  Although, all said, I’ll take a snow storm over this shit any day.  Besides, our silly news crews here in Hampton Roads and their 24 hour coverage always making things sound overly dramatic like the world is going to end.  Back home, it’s almost monotone.  Oh look, more snow…

As for work, some of our phone lines for dialup customers got jacked up at the phone company level.  Whoopee… I worked from home.  Which means my electric and internet were unscathed.  Got to listen to the sound of wind and rain.  Sounded just like any other hard rain.  I’m proud to report, all the people I know here are doing just fine.

So Sandy, thanks for blowing us hard and leaving us wet 🙂


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