Unexpected Generosity

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I have spent a number of years living in Hampton Roads and I know between living here and working in a thankless job, I’ve become very jaded.  I wish I weren’t so.  A place where pedestrians do not seem to have the right of way just walking through a parking lot.  The hurry up and rush of everyone around me.  It’s gotten so that even I get that way.  Today I shocked a man by stopping my car so he could walk in front of me to get to his own car.  You could tell by the expression on his face, he too isn’t accustomed to such niceness.  Many times I don’t trust people I walk past.  When I open the door and hold it for someone, many times there isn’t any “thank you”.  Sometimes there’s even a “I can do that myself you know!”.  It makes me often wonder why I even bother to try to be nice to strangers anymore.

Today a lady shocked me with just how nice some people can be.  She didn’t appear to be overly dressed from what I could see.  She had a simple silver mid-size car, nothing too fancy.  I happened to be behind her at the Starbucks drive-thru this afternoon shortly after finishing up a visit with my daughters.  My mom was with me, and I had a hankering for some coffee.  It was getting warm out, so rather than a hot coffee, I opted to get our usual Venti (large) Caramel Frappuccinos.  After making my order, I pulled up behind this silver car.  I wish I had noticed the make or model and license plate at the time.  I also noticed that it looked like she had gotten a pumpkin flavored drink based off of the color in the see through cup.  After getting her drink, she pulled away and we moved up to the window.  As I tried to hand the cashier my card, this is what he told me.  “Keep your card, the lady that was ahead of you paid for your drinks.”.  I was totally caught off guard and immediately started to look for her car, which had already gone out of my sight.  He followed up with saying, “She does this all the time.”.

That got my mind thinking.  If she does this kind of thing all the time, and our order was over $10, she has most likely paid for hundreds of dollars in drinks for all sorts of strangers.  That’s freaking amazing!!  I can’t afford to go to Starbucks but once or twice a month to splurge on myself.  She does this for people repeatedly.  While it’s not saving the world from hunger, it is living proof that some people are very generous and nice.  I wish I could’ve thanked her as it’s more money I can save in the bank.  In a way, I feel a bit guilty.  Because while I do try to stop for pedestrians and open doors for strangers, I don’t appreciate it like I should.  Even when they don’t.


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