Whatever happened to Workplace Etiquette?

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When I first got a job in the 1980’s.  I was also introduced to something known as an Employee Handbook.  This described how the company I decided to work for expected me to look, how they expected me to treat customers and what I was and was not allowed to do when I was earning money from them.  This included, keeping my hair cut, my face shaved or my beard trimmed neatly.  My fingernails properly cut.  Restrictions on jewelry, if any.  Proper attire for what kinds of shirts, pants and shoes I should be wearing while on the clock.  This book also covered things like not using profanity in front of the customers or even in range of customer hearing.  Many times, it included no cursing at the workplace at all.  It even went on to cover things like making personal calls.  In general, while on the clock, you were not allowed to make personal calls.  Unless you got permission from your supervisor first.  Even then, it was to be restricted to urgent family matters or arranging for transportation.

Times have certainly changed.  Not for the better as far as I’m concerned.  Over the past decade or so, no matter where I’ve traveled, I’ve noticed something I find highly disturbing when I frequent places like the grocery store, the local convenience store, restaurants of all kinds (from fast food to chains such as Olive Garden) to doctors offices, repair facilities and more.  There is a huge relax in such policies or perhaps many businesses no longer have such policies in place.  Almost every business I go into, I hear employees cursing and swearing as casual as they like.  Talking about anything from sexual endeavors to using expletives to describe how unhappy they are and telling dirty jokes and it’s as if they don’t even care who hears them.  They don’t make any effort to keep their voices down.

When I go to a check out at a small store, there are many times a clerk is on their cell phone talking or texting and won’t even greet me most of the time.  They simply ring up my order and say the total of my purchase.

Granted, I’m not a huge participant in superficial conversations with strangers at times.  It is however, customary to greet your customer who is supplying the money of which will end up in your paycheck with some sort of pleasantry and to make them feel like they should come back to the business for further transactions.  Hence growing the business and hopefully the employee paycheck for bringing return customers and growing company profits.

If I were a business owner, I know I’d want pleasant employees who don’t offend customers with profanity, who give attention to the customer and gives effort to make them happy.  Perhaps it’s hard to find such employes.  Whatever happened to discipline in the workplace?  Good Etiquette?

It has become so prevalent, that it sometimes makes me wish I could take their smart phones and insert it rectally with incredible force, thus giving these useless constituents a true reason to utilize profanity.  (and it may even improve my own experience at their place of employment)

Note: I love Clerks 2, but it was the best example I could come up with for the point I am making.  Sorry Kevin, please forgive me 🙁