30% Weight Loss

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I haven’t written about this in a while.  My posts have been mostly focused on life events, my usual rants, future plans and reminiscing.  I assure you, I’m still doing my daily walks.  I am actively loosing weight and I’m happy to report I am 30% of my over all goal closer.

I’m going to post here what I’ve been hiding as it was embarrassing.  Still is, but dammit, I think it will only drive me harder to be this much more honest.  If to anyone, to myself.

When I started walking, I was an embarrassingly fat man who was on the scales for 360 pounds.  As of yesterday I am now down to 318lbs.  I’m not done, and I’m not nearly close to my target weight.  My short term goal is to be under 300 come Christmas.

I’m not doing 3 miles a day like I was doing.  For some reason, since my 3 heart attacks in February, I’ve only gotten up to 2 miles a day.  Not sure if it was the high blood pressure that had me going further or if I have just been weakened that much.  True, I unfortunately put on some weight after the hospital stay as I could hardly walk down the drive way.  (It’s roughly 1/5th of a mile long.)  Now I am back on track and feeling better than ever.  In so much, that I took on a second job slinging pizzas for Dominos to help save up to move next spring to Michigan.  It’s not because of their pizza. Haven’t been a fan of their stuff in many years.  Some of it is down right unhealthy.  (it’s coming and it’s scary bad for you)

Besides walking, I’ve also done the following and it’s helped out greatly (the only exceptions I allow myself is when I go out to eat):

  • Stopped using Mayonnaise and Miracle Whip (period, none, not even the light or fat free versions which are gross)
  • Replaced Hamburgers with Morning Star Farms Vegi-Burgers (various flavors)
  • Eat Yogurt and not Ice Cream (save for special occasions)
  • Turkey based meats (Oscar Meyers has a killer Turkey Polish Sausage)
  • Low Fat / Low Sodium sandwich meats
  • NO FRIED FOODS!!! – Baked or Boiled ONLY!!
  • Lowered food portions (not a lot, but I try not to get “full”, just “satisfied”)
  • Get away from the TV and Computer and do something whenever possible (not a cheap option sometimes)
  • Walking Daily (going through shoes at an alarming rate though)

I’ve tried some of the fake foods like imitation eggs and such, but they literally turn my stomach.  Sometimes it’s hard to go walking when it’s 100 degrees outside or really cold out.  Those days I just keep myself as busy as possible.  I still love my relaxing down time too, just don’t allow myself as much as I once did.  What makes me the most happy, is I haven’t resorted to surgery or special diet plans by someone named Jenny, Jerad or Vinnie or who the hell ever.


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