This Old Abandoned House

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Halloween is just around the corner.  Though I no longer hold a love for the holiday like I once did.  Thanks to the overly sensitive, wimpy ass society we’ve become.  Protesting things like skeletons hanging from a noose; or using old abandoned insane asylums for haunted houses because it badly portraits insane people…. Ugh… Effing pansy’s…

While things like that remind me of the old west, medieval punishment and scary ass levels in a video game; it also reminds me of a passion of mine that many folks may find weird.  I have an odd love of old abandoned buildings and houses.  Especially if the structure has remained virtually untouched for many years.  I find a kind of beauty or art in the way that mother nature has sculpted it over time.  The way it contrasts the world around it.  How it’s sort of begun to blend in with the tall weeds surrounding it.  I find it very photographic, although I’ve spent little time doing so, and what photos I had are now lost.

I love old houses, hospitals, asylums, old factories and especially train stations.  No matter the size or age.

I like sneaking inside, and exploring what people of the past have left behind.  Many times you’ll find photographs, old newspapers (some in mint condition preserved inside the walls), trinkets and machinery.  While I don’t go there to actually take things, a treasure or two can be found.  I like to photograph and sometimes just stand there using the light through the windows and try to picture what it must have been like when it was nearly new and at it’s peak of usefulness.  How the people may have dressed at the time and if it was a business, what jobs they may have been performing.  I also wonder why it was suddenly left to die.  Why they didn’t take everything.  It’s like the building lets me write a story in my head.

It’s one of the many things I miss about living in Michigan.  You can be out on a horse or motorcycle, walking through some trails and the like and suddenly you can happen upon an old cabin with all the paths overgrown.  Old abandoned cars with trees growing all around them.  Time has made it impossible to remove what at one time simply drove in.

I’ve been known to make favorite places out of these locations.  Either to just hang out by myself for some alone time, or to share it with a friend or loved one.  Some are so pretty, you can make it a spot to picnic at, or watch the fall leaves, or take in the spring flowers.  Even just lay down and look at the day or night sky.

Can’t wait to rediscover those places and new ones.

The person who runs the website English Russia, also has many articles and photographs of places all over Russia like this.


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