Going back to the Big Mitten

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Being in my current situation, I’ve had a whole lot of time to think.  Too much actually.  While the front view of my life looks devastating, there is as they say a “silver lining”.  See, since my recent divorce, I have learned my youngest daughter is moving to New York to be with her man after she graduates school in 2013.  My oldest daughter is moving to Kansas.  The only real family I have in Virginia is my Mom.  She ended up here after a bad circumstance of her own a few years back.  She’s never been really happy here either.  Everything I came here for is gone now.  My big job at Gateway only lasted 2 years until they pulled the plug and outsourced it all.  Since then I’ve been working for a small ISP that has been slowly going out of business for half a decade.  The kids will soon be moving away.

I haven’t seen my sons who live in Michigan since 2007 when my oldest graduated High School.  I missed my youngest son’s graduation.  It’s been eating at me that I can’t afford to go see them for a couple weeks each year.  It’s just too damned expensive with the economy being as it has been for the past few years.  If the economy is getting better, I surely haven’t seen it.  As well, they haven’t been able to come see me either.

So I got to thinking.  If I saved up a couple thousand dollars to go visit them and have nothing to come back here for anyways…  Why come back at all?  So I had a sit down with my Mom and she agrees, there is really nothing holding either of us here.  So we’ve decided to save up money enough to get us by for a month in Michigan, plus travel to Michigan and a truck rental.  It will take working two jobs for a while to save up the money.  But in a few months, we’ll be moving back to my home town of Gaylord, Michigan.  It’s a small tourist town, but it has a unexplainable magic.  I’ve heard of many folks like me who have left and most of them end up coming back.  No real reason as to why other than it was home.  I want to go home to see my sons.  This is the time and way to do it.

Hampton Roads, Virginia has never felt like home.  I wanted it too, but it never quite fit.  So all in all, this seemed to have worked out well.


6 thoughts on “Going back to the Big Mitten

  1. John Clifton

    hey let me know i may have a couple leads on jobs for you before you get here if you still want to be into computers

  2. Denver Fowler Post author

    That’s good to know, I appreciate the offer. While I think I’m a bit too burnt out on tech support for computers, it still can be something to keep in mind if my other options fall through.

    Actually thinking of trying for cellphone sales/support since it’s a huge industry at the moment. But thanks 🙂 I may hit you up for them as the time comes close.

  3. John Clifton

    ok i will check on them for you for a back-up just in case. keep me informed on what is going on ok.

  4. Denver Fowler Post author

    Still need a few months to save up money, setup health insurance for when I leave my job etc, etc.. But I’ll keep you in the know. Thanks again 🙂

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