Awesome Birthday Present

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If you didn’t happen to remember, earlier this month it was my birthday.  As normal, it wasn’t any kind of spectacular day.  It was nice that 3 people at least remembered it and wished me a Happy Birthday.

A couple of months ago, I ended up in need of a car.  The one I had needed almost the whole front end steering replaced (struts, mounts, ball-joints, control arms, etc…).  It was going to cost me over $2000 to fix, and that was just what was needed to get it back on the road.  It also needed brakes, tires, tune-up and a few other things.  After gnawing it over in my head for weeks (and driving the company van instead), I finally sold the car for a few hundred dollars and set out to find me a new set of wheels.

Yesterday, thanks to Amber and her boyfriend Robert, I have a nice enough vehicle that should get me by for a couple more years 🙂

I’m beside myself as to how happy this has made me and how it’s helping me get through my rough patch 😀

~ Thank you both!!


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