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No, this is not a rage quit.  I’m not uploading some prepubescent video on YouTube of me deleting my Warcraft characters.  It’s more or less a semi-pun on Kung Fu Panda.  Which is what I keep saying in reference to World of Warcraft’s new expansion Mists of Pandaria.  It could also go along with a pun/statement to another situation, but that’s not what I’m talking about in this post.

When I first heard the announcement about this latest expansion.  I kept saying to myself, “it’s an April Fool’s Day joke”.  Sadly, this is not the case.  They are near releasing it and between the idea of playable Panda toons and they complete redo of the talent tree system.  I’m just over it.  If any game company ever wondered why they keep losing players, it’s because of the major overhauls to the core system.  World of Warcraft isn’t the only game that is guilty of this.  I mean, as a gamer, I love new content, normally.  Panda’s not so much.  However, I was considering being forgiving of that issue.  But the overhaul to the talent tree system and changing of many existing core skills and characters.  It would be pretty much starting over again.  Re-learning everything … again…  I’ve done this in other games.  It makes the magic that I fell in love with simply go away.  It’s like coming home to find your son is a daughter now.  Or your dog has become a cat.  It’s not the same thing you fell in love with.  May as well come home to find out that you’ve been forcibly moved to a new home 30 miles away.  Frankly speaking, fuck that!

Sadly because I did the year of Warcraft so I could get Diablo III for free, I’m stuck with paying for my account until October.  I’m bored with Diablo III already.  Just started the second act and already uninstalled it from my PC.  Never made it back to the UK servers of WoW like I planned.  Just never could wrap my head around the changes about to come.  It hasn’t even happened yet, but I’ve already felt the magic leave me.

I’ve spent a few days now trying out new games.  None of which I seem to like.  As well as I refuse to play any “free 2 play” games as previously documented.

  • Tera – while beautiful, I can’t stand the movement / interaction setup of the keyboard / mouse.
  • Darkfall – too much PVP.  Not a pvp fan.
  • Guild Wars 2? – Didn’t like Guild Wars, so I’m not having much hope to that yet.
  • Rift – depresses me.  The environment alone depresses me.

There is a possibility that I can get my hands on an Xbox 360 for free.  As much as I’m not a console gamer, perhaps it’s time to try the new Halo coming out…. Or perhaps it’s time to find new things to do.  I know, I could go hang out in bars!  Yeah OK not… Although it appears that I’ve got time now to play Designated Driver 🙂

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