Why do people pay to watch ads?

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You can’t turn your head these days without having advertising in your face.  As I’ve said before, “I can only imagine that someday ads will be forcefully beamed directly into our brains like they show in the cartoon Futurama.  You can’t escape ads for products and information no matter where you turn your head or hear just about every moment of everyday.  Through radio, billboards, print, T.V., internet banners and so much more.  It’s terribly difficult to escape it.

I understand that ads help cover the cost of the content you are trying to view/use when that content is free.  I get that.  I want to watch a video on the internet, there may be an ad I have to view first or click to close to enjoy that.  If I want to have a free app on my smartphone, I have to deal with advertising.  I get that.  If I don’t want the ads, you pay for the content.  Plain and simple.  Same goes for radio, wanna listen free?  There’s going to be ads to listen too.  Want ad free radio?  Pay for a Sirius unit and subscription.

What I don’t get is when you pay for the content and there are still ads you are forced to put up with.  Loads of them.  Why anyone pays any amount for cable TV, satellite or any other means to watch TV and have to deal with ads is beyond me.  I stopped paying for TV subscriptions some time ago because I just can’t wrap my head around why I would pay $50 – $80 a month just so I can watch ads!  Advertising on TV is expensive.  So if these advertisers are paying so much for their ads, why do we pay for TV at all?  Or if I’m paying for TV, why should I see ads at all?

The movies are just as bad.  You pay $7 to $14 for a ticket, pay $8 for popcorn and $5 for a soda, sit down and watch ads, ads and more ads before the movie starts.  As Foamy put it, it’s not saving me anything why must I watch ads?  How about more trivia or previews for upcoming movies instead?

I’ve since gone to using Netflix for watching TV.  No ads!  Granted, I can’t see the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Merlin or Skins this way.  Unless I watch it on the network’s website, which has ads.  I find my system works fine for me.  Not too mention it’s considerably cheaper!  Plus I can pause and re-watch to my hearts content.  If Netflix were ever to decide to show ads, I’ll get very angry.

Something I’ve noticed using Netflix.  Older shows that ran in 1 hour slots, were up to 52 minutes in length.  Newer shows that are in the same 1 hour slot, are only 42 to 48 minutes in length.  So as cable/satellite prices went up, so did the amount of ads.  Can you say, “What the fuck? Over!?!”.

In all, I understand ads for free content, but I refuse to pay for content and have to deal with ads!!!

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