I concur, Windows 8 Sucks!

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I couldn’t have said it any better myself.  But Michael @ Michael’s Techbox said it as elegantly as it comes.  Windows 8 sucks more now in the Customer Preview even more than it did as the Developer Preview which I reviewed a few months ago.  (My Developer Preview Review)

Just to give you an idea, all the ranting and raving I did over Mac before I owned one, and even my final frustration with Mac is nothing at all compared to what Windows 8 has in store for the general populous of internet loving citizens the world over.  Having played with the Customer Preview myself the past few weeks…  In my opinion, it may very well be the final push needed for Mac to take over top dog in the desktop market with Linux still in 3rd place, but gaining ground quickly thereafter.  It’s enough to make a grown, seasoned tech cry for mercy and question his/her very existence.

Lets take a look at what both Michael and I agree on:

The biggest thing is Metro.  No one without a touch screen is going to bother to upgrade to Windows 8.  The few who might do it not thinking, will quickly revert or learn new curse words.  Or touch their screen a little too hard in frustration.  Metro in the Developer Preview was something you could bypass and regain your start menu and use Windows just fine.  It looked good and ran very well.  It seemed like Metro was just a program that was simply “hooked” into the OS just as a replacement to the start menu.  The Customer Preview, Metro is now heavily integrated into the OS and just shutting the PC down is a multi-step process in agony.

If Microsoft insists on everyone buying new hardware, this is hardly the time to mandate that.  The economy while not completely tanked, isn’t in a position to run and buy new gear.  That alone won’t work in their favor.

If they insist on making the Desktop a Tablet, they need to ease users into it the way Mac is doing.  Mac has a wonderful desktop, but you can get to your applications with a tablet movement on the mousepad or touchpad which can be attached to the computer.  Rather than making all their users run out and buy touchscreens at a much higher price point.  When they did that in Lion, it was a bit of a culture shock, but within a couple of weeks it was no problem.  Having Windows 8 CP the past few weeks.  I have even less love for it than ever.  It’s not a learning curve.  It’s forget all you know and learn again.  Knowing customers love of “upgrades” and learning new things, on average, this is going to be more unwelcome for them as it is for the folks like me who have to help them.

If Microsoft wants to make a tablet OS, then fine.  I’m all for it.  Use it on tablets and phones.  Just like Mac does.

I can see once my Windows 7 is finally ready to die, I may very well become a Mac weenie all over again.  At least their stuff talks to all other devices with Mac OSes of one sort or other.  Although I still think Mac has a ways to go, they may have one hell of a foot up on the desktop market very shortly.

Especially if Microsoft doesn’t give us a way to shut Metro off so that upgraders and power users can have a PC they can still enjoy.  While the rest of the world just gives up and goes to Android and Mac tablets.  MS loyalists can just suck it and live in their pretend world that Windows 8 will be a revolution.  I’ve never been that loyal to MS.  Just enough to say I am a PC.  Though… Looks like that might change.


2 thoughts on “I concur, Windows 8 Sucks!

  1. Ghostman Eindhoven NL

    Don’t worry dear friend, MS will be punished for their arrogance, never in the past did they listen to consumers, we saw this with their abomination called Vista. We’ve been asking for a dual pane like Total Commander, never got it. No they try to ram their Metro gui through our throats! Only the absolute rejection of the public and businessworld when the sale is starting will open their eyes. As long as the attitude of MS isn’t changing their stocks will go down the drain, friends of mine are selling already!

    Greetings Ghostman

  2. Denver Fowler Post author

    I agree with you completely. In so much that I’ve resolved to start playing with linux again. Granted, I’ll probably hang onto Windows 7 a while. But after toying with Ubuntu‘s latest. Holy bejezus! Nearly 10 seconds from cold boot to desktop and their software installer is freaking sweet. The programs list could use a good tweaking but I’m sure it will get refined.

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